perception … calendula, colors and seasons

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I heard a man singing through a megaphone.
It had rhythm, it sounded exotic:
Brazil or Cameroon.

I was sure that someone was giving a demonstration
for the entire street,
of how to lose a little weight
during the holiday season.

My mind projected
people dancing in spandex
who already lost weight.

Then reality came closer.

The megaphone was attached on an open van.
A scrap iron man was singing his way
through the same sentence
he repeats for hours and hours.

No more Zumba

* = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * =

What is perception?

A flower from the same calendula bed in July
seems to be more yellow than that calendula in November.

What do we remember about it?
“That it is the same, so it must have the same color.”

What do we notice when juxtaposed?
“There is a difference.”

Why is there a difference?
Was the light different?

Light certainly is different depending on the season, and the light coming from the sun certainly influences our perception of the color. But it is also possible that the calendula is also more yellow in July than in November. Objectively we need to recreate the same lighting and photographic conditions to really ‘know’. I didn’t do that, so I will not know this year.

In my brain, there is a calendula, that is always yellowish-orange. It has a lot less detail than the above macros reveal. Conceptual memory is completely ignorant about the stars in the heart, and it doesn’t know about the female pistil and its color. Mental mind gives the heart of calendula a darker color. There is additional record info, in my mental memory, not visual information, that there are calendulas of many different colors. Perhaps the purple ‘calendula’ is not a calendula at all, but a chrysanthemum or something else :-). I’m sure Ian knows!

And if you (or Ian or Madonna) phone me and we talk about your calendula flower bed, I will see the visual imprint in my mind, not yours, and while talking we might touch the subject of the color of your flowers and their hearts. Without a picture, I will probably never know how they really look like. And with the picture, I will FIX my perception of your flowers, for as long as no extra information is added.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 3735-6/3866/4904

12 thoughts on “perception … calendula, colors and seasons

  1. ….Bert, your sense of humor, either sigma or clast intelligence, (forgive my imply …perhaps Mensa) metaphorically, and perhaps obviously. Anyway, you would love the infamous Gloucester, Massachusetts…. of mecca for artist’s and photographers world renown. I’ve witnessed this particular light during seasons and because its officially an island, and point of view, ( particular in reflective light) its really amazing, . As I keep viewing your posts…. your photo’s are beautiful ~! Happy New Year !!

    • Thank you, EB, for this special comment. Perhaps I will go one day to Gloucester in New England 🙂 Have a great ending of this year, and wishing you and yours good health and prosperity, for the coming 2014!

  2. Wonderfully funny, instructive and thought provoking all at once and the photos so clearly make the point. We see what is in our “mind set” to see– images that imprison us. We need to have our consciousness expanded.

    • … there is perhaps a duty to incorporate the explanation of how our consciousness works in grammar school and beyond … thank you for your encouraging comment. Have a great ending of the year, and wishing you good health and prosperity the coming year!

      • thanks Bert… Will be asking you about the layout of your photos.. and your blog theme later on… I am a keen photographer but my theme does not present my photos well… I love your theme and your photos… We have the same taste… Happy New Year to you too.. hugs eve.

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