missing a boat

Memories of Summer — Click thumbnails to enlarge …

There are many ways to miss the boat
one way is to stay on that boat
that would bring you to the other shore
then cruising the rest of your life,
thinking that the fake realities on the cruise
are the real thing …

(right now altered states of consciousness come to mind,
but there are many other ways to fool yourself,
worshipping the boat,
or desiring the same experiences
over and over again
and ride the ship for ever)

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) August 2013 โ€“ @Calais(F) โ€“ Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4243/4244/4245/4246/4247/4248/4249/4250


16 thoughts on “missing a boat

  1. I have often felt that once you have taken photos at some “important” event, you tend to remember the images later on – rather than the event itself. I can remember some childhood vacations – but I actually do only remember the photos taken with my first camera I was very proud of.
    Your post has triggered these memories as I feel we also take sort of mental photos of “important” events and later on we mistake the mental photo (that is static, exaggerated – and rather a symbol or an icon) for the actual event.

    • Our mental memory is not very reliable ๐Ÿ™‚ Our mental mind is capable of wonderful things, but holding on tight to its own knowledge, and being afraid to change, is keeping it away from creativity …
      Then when we look back, knowing or not knowing that so much of the experience has been lost, really makes a difference.
      Both the knowing or the not knowing might invite us to re-experience,
      but the knowing of the fallibility of memory will lead to less expectations, and probably to an entirely new experience, while the opposite might result only in disappointment.

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