the winds of change

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Christmas gives us time,
after the shopping
and before the cooking
to reflect
upon the past months
perhaps the past years

from the deep
might well up
and make us

Don’t get carried away by the past
Look at the birth of the Christ
as a new beginning in your own life
See the winter solstice
as new light emerging
after a complete cycle
Time to change,
no time for blame
in your precious life

Make peace with everyone
especially with those close to you
Blame the winds of change
if you want to
but if you unlearn
your controlled past
you might see
a wonderful future
that starts NOW

Happy Christmas to All

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4896/4948/2755


24 thoughts on “the winds of change

  1. Bert, your message hit home as I am in the depths of despair and at odds with near and dear, today of all days. Can’t see beyond this unholy and untimely body and mind pain but I will force forgiveness in spite of all. Meantime wishing you and your dear family a beautiful Christmas and thank you for all your kind messages and wondrous posts this past year! God bless, Ellen

    • Oh Ellen, I know this feeling. Wanting everything to be the best for Xmas, and then … things go wrong, and your expectations being high, nothing is perfect. But you already are on the path of forgiveness, I hope also SELF forgiveness. The word ‘force’ might not be the best in this context but it is perhaps a matter of finding the correct words while writing.
      Lower the expectations and continue the forgiveness, and have a peaceful Xmas!
      Enjoy the last 7 days of the year!

      • Dear, dear Bert, The spell broke and it is a happy Christmas despite monster migraines (part of the problem). Lowering expectations is the key and fighting the good and bad memories of yesteryear that depress the spirit. As well as so many spirits who have passed. You would think that would make me treasure the beloved living and normally it does but the holidays play havoc with emotion and ugly anger. I thought if your posts and that helped some. You sound happy and I do hope you made a happy family memory. You enjoy the rest of this year, too! Thanks so much for writing– it meant alot to me. Still Christmas here so wishing you a merry Christmas night. Hugs, Ellen

        • Great to hear. Things went smooth here, … yeah, happy memories will be nested of this Xmas. Some frustration because some electronic gifts (made in China) don’t seem to work as expected, and have to be returned to the shop tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Bert, I am not kidding you: This morning I was just looking out my bedroom window at the light coming through the pine trees and seeing yesterdays rain droplets on the ends of the boughs and thinking that they looked like little twinkling lights. Then when enough wind gathered into movement, they would drip and trail in the light giving the illusion of tinsel!

    Without children to make special traditions and memories for, my husband and I have opted for the tradition of no traditions –no tree, no decorations. This is not a ba-humbug thing, rather just a use of time and resources in other ways. SOOOOO…I was thinking that nature had given me a WONDERFUL Christmas tree moment out in the yard. And I turn on my computer and find….SO HAVE YOU!!

    It has been a wonderful year seeing the world through you heart and eyes. So grateful to find you reading and sharing along with me here.


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