beyond mind …

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the knowing mind
always looking
for a purpose
for fulfilment
a meaning
a profit
a kick


a love for life
always as it is:
love without need,
fear without anger,
sad without a reason,
passion without guilt,
joy without attachment,
pride without contempt,
beauty without a purpose,
awesome without a meaning,
experiencing without the kick,
compassion without compromise

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) December 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4907/4998


15 thoughts on “beyond mind …

    • Compliments of the season. Thank you for your encouraging comment.
      I think that going beyond mind is less going beyond limits, it is more recognizing that mind is very limited and taking that into account; consequently be less distracted by all these thoughts and opinions while looking at (listening too, …) something wonderfull. 🙂

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment!
      *Use the Source, Luke* 😉 We are all connected. But most of the time we forget that we are. These past days have been very inspiring, yes!

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