a walk, … december

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a walk
silence comes
sorrow leaves
falling leafs
misty sun rays
misty brain waves


Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) December 2013 – @home, just around the bend – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 5135/5126/5120/4966/5155/5132/5131/5092


21 thoughts on “a walk, … december

    • The first 2 weeks it goes very slowly, but when there are no clouds, we can see the difference. Last week and this week are also creeping to less and less light. I notice how the absence of light affects my mood. In 6 weeks, the speed of change to more light will have increased considerably — bringing early expectations of spring.

    • ‘t depends on whether the wind will change, … or not … last year this time winter had already arrived, but now we enjoy these sunny days, perhaps the last for a long time.
      4 days and we’ll have the shortest day of the year 😉

      • 1. The start of seasons is based on the movement on the sun and Earth not the weather [a little reminder :-)].
        2. The shortest day is variable around the 22nd June in our hemisphere.
        Have a happy Christmas with your family.

        • … I’d like to differ. The meteorological winter starts december first and ends the first of march in our region. Our sense of winter is that some years we don’t get one 🙂 Although solstice in June is often the 22 and I have known solstice in winter to even be the 19th once, when I was a little boy, this year it happens December 21, at 17:11 UTC. Since we count only 365 days in stead of the 365.24 our Earth takes to make the full ellipse, next year’s winter will be just after midnight on the 22.

          • What would you say if the governments of the world decided that each day would start at 6 a.m. and not when the sun rises – oooops, that happens now anyway 🙂 So let me clarify my position: nature has a predictable rhythm and the man mind no rhythm . . . and I work with the former as much as practicable.

            • Well, … I had my own kitchen garden, and I must say that nature was never very predictable. There were years that I planted potatoes in March, and there have been years that I planted them in May. Winter should not start on the shortest day, but a little before that, … It often snows in November, but barely ever in April.

  1. Love the poem, especially “misty brain waves”– I bet they were alpha. And lovely photos– I try to capture the same subject– an endless quest. Love the bare branches against the sky.

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