a roof

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Life is never easy,
sometimes the pain unbearable.
Often I presumed
that misery looked for company,
to allow me to breath
now and then
and thoroughly rest
while sailing the calmer seas.

In those darkest days
the house and roof that kept me safe,
the way I thought that
heaven and earth work together
was broken to pieces,
and then rebuilt,
from debris still found usable
a better and stronger house

Life does not end after a crisis,
neither does misery come to an end
and crisis follows crisis
long term
but how relative is term
I wonder now
looking back
half a century

Again and again
I have built another roof
a smaller house
less furniture
simpler building blocks

Perhaps a time will come
when the sky will be my roof
and the mud will be my floor
and the rest of the world my furniture
all souls on earth
my family

At that moment I will see without blinders
whatever is
not needing to change perception
to what should be and is unreal.

Is there a name
for this unprotected
state of clarity?

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) November/December 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4887/4855/4955/4967


27 thoughts on “a roof

  1. No, sorry, I made a loose comment. Let me put it this way: Whilst one is alive, as we term it, the awareness that is neoption will be intermittent if at all, depending on the individual. The awareness is akin to a door in the mind which is opened and closed. This is not the analogy often used where “death” is concerned – the analogy of simply opening a door and walking out. [Yes, it is as simple as that but there is a qualification, and that is “only for those who are aware of the door and its simplicity, and have no unresolved fears and doubts.]

  2. This state might be like your ”internal mirrors” -that,since now, reflected light considering your self created perception- allow ”light” to reflect totally unaffected by You. White and glaring.
    You merged with light now…as in the beginning of this journey.
    (lets view light as the psyche of the universe and internal mirrors as a brainchild of everything that forms the perception of You as you edge away from childhood, the period that mirrors are still reflecting ”almost” pure light. Then as you grow up, mirrors become more and more blurry and the reflection out of focus…Lets consider ”You” as the lens that make visible hidden but inevitably untrue colors, out of the white light).

    • I like this analogy of mirrors. The essence of a mirror is to reflect anything, instead of filtering through the mental brain … I have to let the message slowly enter and play with the idea behind 🙂 Thank You for sharing.

    • Probably a necessary precursor to enlightenment. But ego is not death. Perhaps it is living without expectations. Whether unity will reveal itself past this stage, or before, or not — I have no idea, but compassion for all will be there.

      • The possibility you raise is interesting and illustrates how different minds work in different ways. I had to revert to my experiences with neoption where what happens is this : a picture illustrating something appears in my “mind’s eye” and this is clear to me. However, if I wish to pass it on to others I have to translate it into words – not always easy if I am to retain accuracy.
        Here is a fuller explanation of the word neoption or neopt:
        To differentiate between the Sanskrit darshana generally meaning anything seen and sometimes meaning something not seen with the eyes; a vision which has many interpretations; an epiphany, which implies something instigated by God, and a realisation which has a mental as well as a spiritual connotation, I have coined the word neopt (pronounced nay – opt) and its various derivatives from old German and Latin.

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