back to basics

This blog is moving into a more personal space. Months ago I had somehow fallen prey to the dictate of WordPress statistics: views and likes. And feeling obliged to publish a daily post …  This month I have slowed down a lot.

I notice that I’m always on the move. While moving, some readers could feel lost. You are not to be blamed :-). Certain challenging viewpoints, some I had 6 months or more ago, I have already  outgrown, while sticking to many others.

So going back to basics. Writing about what I feel is important today.

Some feedback is necessary. That’s why WordPress is such a heaven. Grateful to have found this soundboard and close to one thousand of skimmers and likers, about a hundred regular readers, half of them commenting now and then.
From 2009 till 2011 I posted on Blogspot. It was the loneliest of worlds for me. No feedback at all!
Facebook is populated by too many morons and people who know you from work or family — all making useless comments.
Tumblr is too fast and remains superficial,
Twitter is so fleeting that one could ask whether it actually exists. (perhaps twitter is in a state of a chronic existential crisis)

Also slowing down too, on reading blogs — trying to concentrate on blogs that interest me most — on a weekly basis, or even over longer periods of time. But the slowing down here has many benefits: I feel like spending more quality time with my friends.

whoisbert@WordPress will continue to be a container of my not so fleeting thoughts: what remains after an inspiring session of meditation or photography, … and one day later still feels useful.

My personal diary while on a strange journey called life …

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) November 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG4879

30 thoughts on “back to basics

  1. Well said, Bert. I find considerable enjoyment from the few who visit regularly to read and interact with my own thoughts and feelings, than I do from the statistics. I’m really appreciative of the connections I’ve made on WordPress, and the places where we can share openly and constructively, like I find here.


    • “I’m really appreciative of the connections I’ve made on WordPress, and the places where we can share openly and constructively”
      Thank You, Michael; this goes both directions 🙂

  2. Absence of meaningless noise is what all creators need to reach into own depths from which to craft meaningful expressions.

    Well Done -:)!

  3. For me, it’s a beautiful pleasure to have you in my life. I’ve always left inspired by your thoughts and visions you share unconditional with others. I echo your thoughts here and walk with you in a pace of peace and light; no matter how often~ Linda

  4. It is hard to strike a balance with WP. I try to read a lot of people’s posts but can’t keep up. Some people publish multiple posts in one day. I have been spending so much time reading, there is no time to write. Creativity is at a low point now so that is okay but hopefully it will return. I feel I must look at all likers and definitely at friends. But time is not enough. Anyhow appreciate this and all your posts and am very honored that you visit my blog.

    • … well, I feel more obliged to write these days than to read. But I do read, a lot, during free time. I try to first read a core group of 50 who always come and read here, like you, and the other 150 or so who come once a moth or less get read in alphabetical order, when time is more ubiquitous, … at least once a month … I hope 🙂

  5. I have started using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ about one year ago – all those turkey-related stuff this week has reminded me of that, and I am also considering a post on social media.

    I really like your comment on Facebook 😉 It’s weird indeed that the social network consisting mainly of the people you know in real life triggers the least interesting (or no) discussions.
    Recently I have started “collecting” articles that categorizes Facebook posts in a satirical way that as this one: – I couldn’t agree more.
    There isn’t much left if you don’t indulge in resharing memes, don’t want to complain about politics, and if you don’t like to post anything personal (I often wonder what those innocent children will later think of their parents who meticuously documented their early lives on Facebook…).
    Did you share this post on Facebook 😉 ?

    In order not be too negative: I found discussions on Google+ an extremely nice positive surprise.

    • Went to visit that blog post you linked too 🙂 thx for sharing!
      Facebook is indeed resembling our real environment. Bloggers like to escape from there I suppose. I have no experience with G+ but I disabled it a couple of times already after google silently activated it.

  6. I never had any luck with Blogspot either. No feedback whatsoever. Though I have a great FB following of fellow artists and friends, along with a thoughtful family. Perhaps I’m just lucky.

    Congrats on your changes – I never posted daily, but I did post twice a week. It was a lot. I also tried reading more blogs, but I simply do not, did not, have the time. I concentrate on a very few thoughtful folks, you included.

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