‘Interesting’ Suffering

(note: I’m not talking about the unbearable things in life — just writing about the stories we tell ourselves and others, in order to inflate our sense of self)

My suffering is part of my mental image of self.
This image we have of ourselves,
gets strength out of ‘my suffering’.

I can talk about ‘my suffering’
and feel myself being ‘interesting’
when doing so.

Whenever I feel to be an interesting person,
my ego enjoys its temporary ‘inflation’

We first have to get an insight into our mental image of self
before we can look at suffering from a less partial angle.
Only then can we start to follow the path
were suffering might come to an end.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) July 2013 – @Calais(F) – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG4235

15 thoughts on “‘Interesting’ Suffering

  1. I agree Bert – there is ego gain from suffering in some cases. It can also be because some people as children only gained attention from parents when they showed negative emotions. I see this pattern in my own family. Suffering binds us, so I guess at times the ego can meet its needs through it.

  2. I like watching two people duel over who suffers more. Also slightly problematic is negating someone’s experience of suffering because you or someone else has it harder.

    I enjoyed these insights Bert.

    Peace to you!!

    • Hi Loren, great to see you, and thank you for 2 examples of ego inflation by suffering. I also think that Eckart Tolle wrote about this subject. Peace 2 U and yours!

  3. True, Bert! Suffering inflates the ego. The other side if that is that writing about suffering can help others going through similar feelings and realities that there is hope and that they are not alone. That was why I have written lots about mental illness. When I was in the throes of it reading other peoples stories gave me insight and hope. But you are right, ego is involved & I have come to a point finally maybe where enough is enough and it is better to write about more positive aspects of life.

    • Yes, … 🙂 of course, but I never wanted to write about all the other aspects of suffering … just could fill an entire encyclopedia with it, I think. I guess this is more a post on ego than on suffering. That’s why I started with a disclaimer in the beginning.
      Suffering does bring people together. Certainly. One of the aspects in life where unconditional love is best expressed is compassion, where we want to alleviate an unknown person’s suffering.

  4. I agree. Sometimes I feel that if I post about the bad things, more people will read the blog because people are drawn to that. My suffering makes me more approachable and people feel a sense of common ground. Have a great weekend Bert xx

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