No(w) time for awe?

I assumed there was no time for awe, today
… when thought kept pervading my being.

But I was wrong,
and made many snapshots,
the first to be shared,
with you,

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) November 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG4900


12 thoughts on “No(w) time for awe?

    • If we can somehow surpass out mindset of being in mental realms, then there will always be awesome things to see or hear or feel, … But I like to turn things the other way round, and ‘use’ awe to escape from the mental chatterbox, keep it silent for a few seconds, sometimes more. Either way, you’re absolutely right, there’s always time for awe 🙂

    • Thank you Marie. I was overwhelmed by awe, yesterday, first because of the light. The sun shining from a lower angle. Shining, being exceptional in this rainy month. The rest was patience and some luck.

  1. Hi Bert, what would the world we know look like without colour? Awful, and no pun intended.
    Here is something from my writings which has a bearing on this:

    (A false appearance or deceptive impression of reality – Collins Dictionary)

    Light has no colour until it is reflected off something. When light hits something part of its spectrum is absorbed and the remainder is reflected as a colour. The colour is, therefore, an illusion
    Look at the vast array of colour around us and ask the question, “What is the true colour?” for each object you see. The answer is that we do not know.
    So much for perceived reality!
    “Quo Vadis?”
    P.S. 21.11.13. In The Milk Is White there is another, similar, reference to colour in this context in relation to the wings of a butterfly.

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