intuition or the subconscious

Intuition can be very important.
But one should only follow intuition if one is sure of its origin.
(what I have called the long distance connector)
The interrupts of the subconscious often look very much like intuition,
but differ in that they are most often an unconscious fear or desire.
Real intuition does not carry those feelings,
although it can induce them.

Learning to differentiate these interrupts, and others,
is both as easy and as difficult as learning to use a microscope.
One needs to practice (and test/verify for feedback) to get the hang of it.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) July 2013 – @Brussels – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG3935


12 thoughts on “intuition or the subconscious

  1. The difference between following ‘feelings off a phantasies’ and intuition, is very thin, so one must know the difference.

    • it is indeed — the difference between originating from subconscious or even conscious mind and long distance. Meditation helps to acknowledge what thought and mental activity is all about. Still, it’s a thin line.

  2. I need more time indeed to follow the impulse of each of your posts. I might stop running after … knowledge continuously 🙂 . There is something more I feel I have to mention. I caught myself looking forward for the next comment of Mr. Ian Gardner’s…
    Thank you both for these combined thoughts that can be the root cause of a ”mental product”. Please don’t accept my spontaneous confess as a flattery -as I have no reason to do so.

  3. Intuition, or tuition from within, has two possible sources viz. the superconscious or Thought (as I call it) or the soul (or moul as I call it) which is the sum total of all one’s experiences over many lifetimes – also knowledge of a sort. This does not negate what you state.

    • Oh it is very simple, if you think it is intuition, it isn’t!
      Real intuition goes definitely beyond thought. 🙂
      There is a confidence related to intuition, that thought doesn’t have.

      The practising is recognizing what you intuited.
      Like a kid trying to hit a nail with the hammer the first time, will more often miss the nail than hit it, and when she hits it, it will go skewed. And remembering when you where so sure ‘X’ was going to phone, and the phone rang … and trying to replay this event to notice what was different then from those times you just had a thought: ‘if ‘X’ would phone now, then … and in that case ‘X’ didn’t phone. It’s not science (yet) 🙂

    • In the early stages certainly the one to heed is the quiet one but, joking apart, it is true that one cannot really ever doubt the origin of “voice” as that awareness is innate.

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