Frustration(3): directed ANGER

Directed frustration  is ANGER!

Frustration is not directed. Fear of painful experiences in the past projected on a near future, is not directed. We need an object or preferably a person to vent our directed anger.

Anger is an action, the result from frustration and from the fear for an uncertain future. Frustration, nor fear are anger in themselves.

Mental Mind has already made a lot of stories by now. Fuelled by fear and utter frustration. Many people appear in these stories. People who have caused our distress, people we don’t dare to ask for help because … , people with a motive to cause our frustration.

The mental mind starts blaming them. It makes new stories were those blamed are put in a very negative light. ‘They do it on purpose’, says the mind, and then it starts making up a story of why, what and how.

In one way or another, anger is often a kind of getting even with — my mental image of myself is hurt, and I want, revenge!

“Does he really think he can do this to me?”

“What is that child doing, and never listening to ME”

“Who do you think you are? I will not be ……  this way!”

And mind continues to build up the story, not only one story, many stories. Stories leading to more stories, until … Mind has been able to raise our levels of adrenaline and the anger explodes: ACTION!
(that ACTION  will be the subject of part 4)

\/ Part 1 and 2 can be found in the links hereunder \/

frustration(1): HELPLESSNESS

frustration(2): FEAR, PAST and PRIDE

(to be continued)

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) June 2013 – @Antwerp-zoo – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG3067


4 thoughts on “Frustration(3): directed ANGER

  1. An extract from The Milk Is White:
    ‘. . . . . . . . with non-attachment, no one can hurt us. The hurtful thoughts and actions towards us fall at our feet and disappear because we realise that it is the others who are committing the errors and attracting the consequences, and we do not react adversely. Metaphorically speaking, if someone were to pick up a fistful of excreta and throw it at us it is ingrained in the skin of that one’s hands but, if we step back, duck or weave, we are not contaminated. But what if it hits us? We step back, duck or weave mentally – and we are not contaminated. In any event, whatever the hurt directed at us, we can be aware that we have earned that hurt, be detached, and allow the Law to take its healing course.’

    • The non-attachment, being not detached and not attached, will still instill sadness or happiness, I think, but mind will not follow this with a story. Your writings always bring more light and inspiration to what is sometimes difficult to express in words. Thank you!!

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