organizing the unknowing moment


Living in the Unknowing

Strange Side Effects.
One of them
Living in the Moment.

Living in the moment

often leads to awe and inspiration.
often leads to lazyness
sometimes leads to chaos.

Living in the Unknowing Moment

doesn’t have to be living without a planning

The habit to make a planning

I should re-learn the habit to make a planning for tomorrow:
including .. work, silence, spouse, children, friends, nature,
chores and house-jobs;
I already make a long term planning,
but having more work than usual
I also need an agenda for the day.

This planning is not supposed to be fixed,
just a guideline of ideas …

Nothing has de facto priority:
it depends entirely on the situation.

Planning means Action

The planning will avoid boredom and/or chaos – it can be discussed with the partakers, or just be thought of alone. Ideas to incorporate in such a planning are to be put forward.

A habit to surrender

I think that this habit is already well established,
however absent in times of stress or illness.

As an exercise at the beginning of each day,
and a couple of times during the day,
I should test my ‘ramsay-meter’

Surrender and Planning should if necessary find a balance:
surrender to love, to situations, surrender to pain and to illness
(=> Ian says that balance is an illusion of the mind like the illusion in which it exists! 🙂 )

surrender is more important than planning,

surrender without planning however
leads to doing nothing and chaos,
the ground state.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) July 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4073


8 thoughts on “organizing the unknowing moment

    • Surrender does not seem to exist when I’m stressed or ill. Duties don’t seem to exist when I’m relaxed … perhaps there is a center somewhere between these two states?

  1. Hi Bert,
    re. “Ian says that balance is an illusion of the mind.” I had to think about this but could not grasp its relevance or place it. Could you please guide me to the location of this quote?

      • ‘ . . . the illusion you refer to is probably this samsaric life.’ It is. By the way, I pop such statements in here and there as triggers for the spiritual seekers of whom some will seek the meaning.
        Also by the way – for those who might be interested – samsara is often taken to mean suffering whereas it means much more than that: it means the experience of Earthly life of which, all lives taken into account, involves a great deal of suffering across a wide spectrum of both suffering and intensity.

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