dragon ball

(Click the images to see more details and to be inspired by this Sympetrum_flaveolum or Yellow-winged Darter)

A spring day in fall …

I was surprised to first see a peacock butterfly
when out of a sudden, I heard a strange flickering sound close to my ear.

A dragonfly just missed my head
and went for a sunbath on a dead rhubarb leaf.

These animals are very beautiful
but they never let you snap them …
… in summer

But now this one felt cold enough
not to be disturbed by the camera …
… for just 5 seconds.

Off he went
zapping around my ears again
to then find a very attractive

The ball is 10 years old,
and flat as an old fig,
and yesterday I even thought
of making a Halloween pumpkin of it.

But now I know
that dragonflies
play dragon-ball.

The last week of October,
they keep their annual
garden championship.

And this one showed me
how to keep control
of this very special ball

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) October 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4732/4740/4743

8 thoughts on “dragon ball

    • Thank you …
      … the funny thing is that this is done with a camera the size of a small cell phone (Canon Ixus HS230), a steady hand and a lot of patience … 🙂

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