… gnu bizz …

We had a lot of fun today inaugurating a monthly LAN-party around the use of safe open source software in business. Business and individuals need reliable software that makes it possible to communicate without anybody eaves dropping.

Anne installed Debian7, Lulzim installed a LAMP-server on Debian, Manuel did something with wizards and codecs, and Bert created the blog and the first post … Jan looked upon the conference from a distance and approved by being the first follower and commenter …

Gnu Bizz

Vandaag 17 oktober 2013 gaat de allereerste GnuBizz conferentie door.

Vier grondleggers:

Anne Misson
Lulzim Veliu
Manuel André
Bert Vandenbroeck

en de oprichter

Jan Bergmans

Na het testen volgt het samenstellen van artikels, die je hopelijk a.s.a.p. kan doornemen op deze blog.



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2 thoughts on “… gnu bizz …

  1. Interesting! I am curious: Is this business or fun or both 🙂 ?
    Probably I should follow to learn more about open source software. Are you going to blog mainly in Dutch or in English?

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting …
      There are many motives.
      * Fun is the most important. Being together with friends and sharing that atmosphere.
      * The old site linux800.be has become sleeping and static and dusty. Still visited by a lot of people who don’t find their way in the English jargon of the web.
      * It is time to invite some connections I have made over the years, to collaborate to something bigger. If there is time, English and Dutch can co-exist in a http://gnubizz.be and a http://gnubizz.com – as I set that up last night.
      * There is also need from business to become independent of closed source and to set up their own communication channels, free of eaves dropping. GPG is the only way to go these days if you are small.
      * Many expectations, but a future unknown 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

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