dock bugs and winter …

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Dock bugs have a hard time these days.
Rhubarb’s great leafs
are disappearing
even faster in fall
as they re-emerge in spring.
The bugs have to look for a safe place to hibernate,
and many will not even make the end of this month.

Coreus Marginatus, their latin name, sounds much better.
Booming like the name of a Roman emperor.
So much better than
the derogatory ‘squash bug’

Yes, the verb ‘to squash’ also makes a sound
There was another bug in ‘Men In Black’
that didn’t like that sound at all.

The seasonal changes are reflected in the waves of our lives.
And some, like me, are also affected by the absence of light:
February and March can be very hard.
Especially when two days of sunshine
Are just isolated reminders of how spring should be.

Reduction of space, another problem:
when it is time consuming
to wear appropriate clothing
to even just go for a walk.

But right now,
we can still absorb
the last rays of the sun,
enjoy the bright colours of falling leafs,
and with a warm feeling
look forward to the coming holiday season
and the short lived joys of the first snow.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) October 2013 – @Home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 3848/3851/3852/4708


8 thoughts on “dock bugs and winter …

  1. “Transitory” is the word that comes to mind. That’s followed by the word “impermanence.” Both good descriptions of mind, nature, and life. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    • Two words, one truth. “Our Transitory Impermanence”. Nothing stays the same in Time-Space, or Space-Time. Thx for visiting and for your great comment! Have a great weekend, my friend.

    • I wished they were not self aware. So I could kill the hornet without feeling guilty.
      Well, I really think of insects as a kind of moving vegetable. If we go down in time far enough, we see that the first eukaryote ‘animals’ in the sea, could not move.

      But living ethically on earth is not simple. I see there is a hierarchy in consciousness, and ants and bugs, and trees and grass are not very high on the ladder. We respect trees because they grow older than we. So we find them precious. But grass might find itself more precious that the trees.

  2. Short-lived joys of this season I love so much. Hope your “Happy Light” will help you through the darkness of winter which I admit to loving, too. Confessions of a troglodyte. Poor Squash bugs– thanks for the info– never knew what they were or that they overwinter and hibernate. Hope they make it. “Men in Black” is a great movie– worth seeing over and over. Great photos!!

    • I see every morning that the earth is reducing more and more sunlight in the Northern hemisphere. I have always felt that a 14 days holiday in January close to the sunny northern Tropic of Cancer, does so much more to my physical and psychological health than the happy light. But I can’t take those bugs with me, poor animals 🙂 they will have to stay underground hoping for their saviour to come from outer space in one of those flying saucers.

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