what things are not

not everything is the way  convention tells us it is

The waterfall contains more bubbles than you had ever imagined. The shutter speed reveals them, or not. Your eye has a shutter speed of about 1/20 seconds and overlaps 3 or 4 images giving you an unnoticed  motion blur all the time, except when you follow an object. But it is very difficult to follow the waterfall, and so we do not see beyond its blur. Not everything is the way convention tells us it is. In fact, most things are very different from what we think they are (or should be).

I’m making people crazy with my questions.

When I’m learning something, wanting to acquire knowledge, I ask strange questions.
I don’t ask about the nature of something,
what things are, but I’m asking what things are not.

What is air?
Air is a gas. You cannot feel it, It’s all around you.

Is air no liquid?
No, definitely not

But if I move my hand very fast, I will feel it, as if it were water.
” …. ??? ”
Is he from Pluto?

Some people seem to get it. But many more don’t.
However, this is how my mental processor acquires knowledge.

If you have no patience when people are asking basic questions,
even if they sound weird,
can anybody ever learn anything from you?

A weird question often opens the mind to creative,
even artistic experiences, beyond the world of convention.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) July 2013 – @durbuy(B) – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4037

11 thoughts on “what things are not

  1. I think these are perfectly valid questions because they challenge the definitions of what we call ‘gas’ and ‘liquid’ – which cannot be distinguished from each other at a temperature higher than the critical one.
    Describing them in terms of moving your hand through the gas / liquid means describing them in term of density and flow resistance … This is exactly what you do in solving the equations of motions in hydrodynamics – and knowing which terms to neglect or not (Friction in air increases quadratically with the speed of your hand for example).

    • But you could also describe them as a string of eddies … that tickle your hair … which is the perspective of the experiencer … who is always the source of ‘why’ which can result in measurement and objectifying, resulting finally in some laws of physics. 🙂

  2. i find most people LOVE questions because they get to hear themselves talk … unless you ask them a question that, you know, they don’t know the answer to, then they not only cannot only not hear themselves talk, but they will wonder whether you asked them that question just to make them feel stupid …. =)

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