my labyrinth

A long time ago,  an online transpersonal psychology book list compiled by Lisa M. from Sweden, was a great help to me.  I didn’t read or appreciate everything on that list, and I also found many beautiful and insightful literature that was not on it. But I would like to return the favour.

... a spider's labyrinth ...

… a spider’s labyrinth …

A labyrinth of teachers and writings has accompanied me through my life. I don’t know how I attracted one or the other.
There is always an interaction – the real law of attraction:
“You will attract people at or around the same level as you”

One cannot understand a teacher that is 3 levels higher than oneself.
One cannot learn to read and write using literature.
One cannot appreciate maths without first learning arithmetic.
And the opposite is also true: It is pointless to discuss any subject when the other party doesn’t know the basics.

A level is dynamic. We can go up, and then stay at a given level for a long time.
And if we don’t practice, we will go down.
Although you can reach your original level much faster when needed,
if you have ever been there. (opening the gates of memory)

At the same time we are composed of a rainbow of skills and understanding.
In each of those skills we have reached a certain level.
I am a zero in art creation. But I am not a zero in art appreciation.
I do weird and far fetched things with computers, but I have no idea how to fix a trouser button holding longer than a day.

There is no hierarchy in skills. Within the skill there is a hierarchy of levels.

So I would like to give a list of authors, teachers and writings that I have appreciated reading in the past 20 years. This is not a small project. Apart from making a list, I would also like to add summaries, reviews and background information. The latter is the easiest – wikipedia will contain most of that. I will only review those works that I have actually read, so it will be as incomplete as anybody can imagine.

I will start today with a small list of authors, that I will try to weekly update.


14 thoughts on “my labyrinth

  1. Love these observations.
    I will add that there is no hierarchy – it is only an illusion. Nobody is any better or worse than anybody else, and that’s a fact this Aquarian Age will be sure we all understand, one way or another.

    • I see what you want to say, but …

      The levels are hierarchical. A hierarchy is a mathematical concept.

      There is a difference between an individual, and a skill/knowledge/thread/… and the acquired level in it.

      You correctly assert that none individual is more important than another.
      It is an error, and even absurd, to identify an individual as a grand total of levels.

  2. I love the spider web as a labyrinth….I will most definitely think on it…more…
    a wonderful post…Thank you….
    yes….a wonderful post, I look forward to your list….
    Take Care…
    You Matter…

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