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waterlelies_4013It has happened to me several times in my life, that I desperately needed help. On those times, out of the blue, a stranger came, and like a guardian angel did what had to be done, and then disappeared again.

I have also had many people doing more than their duty to help me. In legal matters and international red tape problems. Let me give two remarkable examples:

  • a prosecutor short-cutting the process twice by first doing the impossible job of the defendant (me) of looking up in the state administration whether person X had ever lived in town and finding a negative, and the 2nd time in the same case short cutting an error in administration.
  • an ambassador I had never seen before, and whose doorbell I rang on a Sunday morning in a far away country, not only wanting to receive me, but already opening a file so that by Monday morning all paperwork would already have been done and stamped, only to be collected from his embassy.

Equally, I have found myself helping strangers never seen before, nor after.

In many cases that come to mind, I brought people home when they got stuck on the road by a flat tire at 3am, another one who was incredibly drunk and unable to walk when freezing -10C, 10 people standing next to a taxi that broke an axle in a pothole and who all fitted in my rented Fiat 1500.

I just named a few of many incidents in both directions, being helped or helping.

I’m sure this has happened to you too.

One way or the other, it looks as if Universe activates people when there is a need. The activation seems also to be connected to compassion although not directly felt as such. I often asked myself why I did what I did after the event, without finding an answer  – as if mind is bridged when it happens.
Regardless, we also seem to  have a choice of denying the activation or not wanting to be helped. (this coming from our thinking mind)

Unfortunately, these days, our conditioned mind too often denies the interrupt coming from another level to either help or be helped. This happens mostly in the industrialized world where greed is rampant although most have ‘enough’ without even realizing it.

In the sparsely populated North of Scandinavia, and in most mountainous regions that I ever visited, more people seem to follow the activation.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) July 2013 – @Durbuy(B) – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4013

13 thoughts on “activation …

  1. The universe has saved me in so many ways, so many times. I can’t think of how I have given back except in writing my autobio and then small everyday ways, donating my photos and such. But if I saw a drunk I would run the other way, having them in my immediate family provided enough nightmares for a lifetime. So I read your post and feel badly. But then I go back to thinking of your post on low self-esteem and realize it is that ugly ego popping up again. Another lesson to learn: do not compare oneself to others. First day of the most beautiful season and I am still sick and down, down, down. But your post was great and it does seem that the poor are the most generous and most hospitable. Saw that in the peasant village in the mountains of Sicily where my grandfather came from. Good post, Bert!

    • I wouldn’t have taken any drunk. A call to police would also have brought temporary shelter to that person (I hope). I don’t know whether the poor are really more generous and hospitable. There is also a rainbow there and a lot of people to avoid too. But when they are giving, they give everything, while the richer almost always calculate what they are giving.

  2. These illustrate “What goes around comes around.” as is often said. This is the law of karma in action. Your willingness to help others also creates karma but, particularly for you – since you have said that you do not understand karma; or something like that – I say karma is not only created by one’s individual thoughts and acts but also by one’s state of mind (mentality, level of vibration, or what ever one might call it!) which is, in a way, the sum total to that point in one’s spiritual existence of one’s ments and actions over eons.
    Your final sentence illustrates the fact that people remote from modern civilization are, generally, more spiritual – have not sacrificed themselves in the pursuit of the illusive rainbow 🙂

  3. It’s an interesting exercise to ponder about this. Yes, I remember such situations – strangers doing miracles with a single phone call for example. (Though sometimes the strangers did not disappear, not sure if that ‘counts’).
    On the other hand, I clearly remember comparable situations involving strangers that could have worked miracles easily (easy and trivial for them, important for me) – but didn’t.
    It might depend on your worldview or your mood which ones you recall. I tend to say it was the situations of the latter kind – the ‘disappointments’ – that made me grow as a person. I consider them more important than the ‘miracles’ so actually these situations came to my mind first.

    • I see what you are thinking, and I have no real answers. What I try to understand were the times when I have been ‘activated’ so to speak. What happened, and why? And why did I go to that place where I was needed. Why didn’t I say no? And how often have I said no myself, aware or unaware by conditioning.
      Whenever we undergo life, there is but few we can do to change the events or the others who might have an influence. So there is less insight coming from those situations.
      ‘Activation’ seems to happen only to prevent something from happening that was not supposed to happen in life (yet?). 🙂
      Does this make any sense?

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