class: arachnida

(If you are not afraid, click the images for a larger display … )

Harvestmen and Spiders both belong to the same class: Arachnida

Harvestmen belong to the order of Opiliones
Spiders are in the order of Araneae

An other well known order in the class Arachnida
are the Scorpiones (scorpions).

Although our closed up harvestman looks very dangerous, it is quite harmless:

None of the known species of harvestmen have venom glands; their chelicerae are not hollowed fangs but grasping claws that are typically very small and definitely not strong enough to break human skin. (source: wikipedia)

The spider, down left, lives in the garden, not far from Harvestman. It is very common and listens to the name Araneus diadematus. or Garden Spider. This one is a juvenile and much less robust than when an adult.

The spider, down right, was quite frightening, due to its size. We call it a house spider, but in America it’s known as the barn funnel weaver. And at Wikipedia they call it Tegenaria Domestica. This one measured a full 7cm occupied diameter including the legs (3 inch) and a body almost 1 inch long. After I photographed it, I never saw it again. However, I noticed its father 3 days later, with at least 10 cm or 4 inch of occupied diameter.
To protect the animal from abuse and and my ears from screaming children, I caught the latter with a cut down soda bottle and gently brought it outside to be put on the roof of a barn.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) July/August 2013 – @Home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4601/4602/3901/4433

10 thoughts on “class: arachnida

  1. YUK! but like all things they have a place, a vital one, in the scheme of things. Sometimes, a huge c.15cm ∅ huntsman takes up residence in my home for months on end and I leave it to go about its business. It – they, really – are quite tame and do not move even when my hand gets within 15 cm or so. The huntsman is not venomous.

  2. Funny. I can just picture the scene with screaming children and all. I was told it was bad luck to kill spiders but also they deserve to live. I am fine with most of them though one bit me badly once and one particular one looks VERY mean. We live and let live and they sure love our house. Since we have been to sick to go there they must have taken over by now. I miss it. Maybe next weekend…

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