turmoil …

... when the rain comes in our lives ...

… when the rain comes in our lives …

meditation doesn’t seem to work when in turmoil,

… although, when we have the courage

to see ourselves in ‘turmoil-action’

we might not

get out of turmoil

more easily

this time,

but learn something about it

and approach turmoil differently

the next time …

and the next time …

time and time again …

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) September 2013 – @Home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4623

14 thoughts on “turmoil …

  1. Hi, Deb! I did not know you were here 🙂 That’s not for you Bert; that’s between Deb and me!
    But tis is for you: re ” . . . meditation doesn’t seem to work when in turmoil,” No, because the mind is hyperactive! One cannot sail a boat in a storm but, in a calm sea with a good wind we can plane!

  2. Meditation does not seem to work when sick. It seems so much harder or transforms into sleep. Sometimes it seems to intensify the pain.
    In turmoil it can be calming but when the anxiety or turmoil is too severe it is almost impossible to work although we need it most then.
    Both cases are a dilemma.

    • When sick I’m too tired to ‘meditate’, but isn’t meditation being aware of your state? Without effort.

      It’s much more difficult of being aware when in turmoil: mind doesn’t leave you any time, to get aware of what’s going on. Often only later on, when the turmoil has relatively subsided, some awareness space is there again.
      I noticed that those ‘looking back awarenesses’ are very important too. And doing this, time and time again, trying to replay what happened, is also a lesson for next time. I have found out that over a long time (10 years or so) the time lapse between turmoil and replay has shortened a lot – and for some rare events has even come close to ‘immediately’.

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