Perspectives …

Click the images to get a better perspective – Liverworts or Marchantiophyta grow wherever Monsanto’s RoundUp, rounded up everything except these alien worlds. Trumpets are female (archegonia) and palm trees are male (antheridia)

Changing the perspective by a factor 10

only brings an entirely new world in front.

I think that this is the case with most perspectives.


Unfortunately it is difficult, even impossible,

to completely share someone’s personal perspective.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) September 2013 – @Home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4619/4620/4621/4635


9 thoughts on “Perspectives …

    • It’s very small, like Lychen, but lychen grow on trees or concrete. Liverwort grows on ordinary soil. It’s a great survivor – hence it survives attacks with round-up (in fact, I think it had this ability all the time, since it is a very primitive plant.) and invades these spaces. It settles in the space between two concrete plates, nearly touching, and not filled up with tar.
      What I’m showing in the first picture, is something you would see naked eye when half a meter above ground. 3 concrete plates are joined, hence there is a little more space for it to grow.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply. Lychen is easy to spot but I really never saw liverwort. And I live in a rural area and I am a fan’of otherwise underrated plants (I ‘cultivate’ in the garden what others may call weed). So I really should know liverwort.

        • It doesn’t grow in the garden. A stony, shady wet place where I found it, and the only place where I ever noticed it, at only 10m from our back door. I remember learning in grammar school from them when our teacher was talking about the Sami and their reindeer.

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