leaving the predefined path … ?


… drink or think or beyond … ?


drinking can be many things,
a short escape from conformism
allowed by the system
in company of bread and games
an echelon of souls reside


your permanent way out
going beyond other’s tracks
finding your own
Don’t talk or infect others, or
the system will silence you

Beyond Thought,

no system can touch you
utterly free, often alone,
responsible for yourself
sometimes a signpost
most often Silence

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) August 2010 – @LaRoche(B) – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4071/4131

4 thoughts on “leaving the predefined path … ?

  1. Hmmm … interesting. The first stanza reminds me of a guy I interviewed years ago on radio, Ron Siegel, who wrote “Intoxication.” He says it is one of the primal drives of all primates. I wondered then, wonder still if he’s right. Aloha, Bert.

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