spiritual ambition …

... always higher ... always better ... chasing the ideal ...

… always higher … always better … chasing Spirit …

Yes, spirituality is ambitious for many.
You feel it when they talk.
Like they go shopping for experiences.
… And how good they feel.

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) August 2010 – @SaasFee(CH) – HP Photosmart C935

15 thoughts on “spiritual ambition …

  1. No one has ever appeared to me in my kitchen illuminated with light and great wisdom to share… no burning bushes have been found so far on my journey here. However, I can understand getting completely lost in the overwhelming power behind the observation and presence in the small moments like the exquisite catching of the first scent of fall coming on the morning breeze… or the feeling in the hand of a loaf of bread still warm from the bakery, visually dancing with steam.

    There is great reverence for me in the worship found so readily available in everyday life flow. Living in the seeing of these moments within the precious power that they hold, leaves the seeking of spiritual Las Vegas with it’s bliss and bling, forever without the ability to entice or enchant. One need not shop for experience when just being alive watching a cat nap as the sun moves across their spot on the floor can bring tears of joy at the love in motion present in such a sight. -x.M

    • If you are aware of the beautiful colours of the clouds, the smiles of the children and the raindrops on the leaves … you have found an enormous treasure, .. a treasure inside your heart. And nothing else is needed.

  2. Haha, this is succinct, but punctuated with nuance!
    I’ve always been an observer of those who ‘shop’ for spirituality outside themselves. They don’t identify with any particular culture, say, so they become “Indian wannabes” or “Hawaiian wannabes” or whatever. Nothing wrong with it, everyone has their journey.
    I’ve just discovered that spirituality is so individual and that silence is the path into that particular light. Although many (to most?) folks can’t sit with themselves very long.

    • “many (to most?) folks can’t sit with themselves very long”
      why is that, that most people always want to be doing in stead of being? What is so irritable about silence, or the void … ?

      • It can be unnerving, I guess. I remember when I went into the silence, sometime in my 20’s. Every single fear my mind had been conditioned to emerged at that time. I stuck with it, though – and years later, I don’t know how I would live amidst the chaos many consider a necessary distraction. But that’s just me 😉

        • What you write seems to indeed be the thing that happens. Mind, when not occupied, is making stories, stories and stories … and many of these stories picture the others as not so nice .. other stories put us into pondering about the why someone did this or that, and all these stories are usually very distorted images of reality, making us the fearful herd of humanity.

  3. For a time, I felt defeated by a search for distinguishing experiences- ones that others seemed to be having, but which seemed to elude me. I felt outside of something, somehow. But I am grateful now that my greatest prayers were answered in the truest way possible- by leaving me to stew in the gift of a Presence that can only arise within… Whenever the ambition wanes, the gift is there… It’s a Self-correcting feedback loop, our awareness… Thanks for a great reminder, Michael

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