being quiet

i have been relatively silent
these past two months
and now my writings
have reached a peak
in quietude

i will come back
mid september
or perhaps
just a little

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) August 2013 – @St._Hubert(B) – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_4188


30 thoughts on “being quiet

  1. Spiritual healing often comes about within, when we take time in our lives to smell the roses…enjoy yourself my friend, you will be revitalized, renewed and like the Phoenix, you will rise again blossoming more in all that you share!

  2. LIke you and Kai, less words around these last little whiles. I loved the itchy tromp around the mossy table this morning – and now back to quiet. Gentle and warm bubbles full of silence sent on the gulf stream your way.

  3. Hello Bert, for this here too, quietude and silence, finding it amusing as less an less words bubble up and still they arise as and when they will – will see you in the then NOW when….shanti, shanti…..kai

  4. JUST put a share together with a dinner table as the header… LOVING the one you found to share from within the silence. We feel you dining with us there, too. Thanks for the check in Bert. In my heart of hearts I always know all around us are well, but the tangible connection points are appreciated, too. -x.M

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