fall is fast approaching

(Don’t forget to click the images … – species: Coprinus plicatilis)

There is no escape, the first signs are all around.
This is not the first mushroom,
but certainly the most photogenic.

Mushrooms grow all year round,
but the larger ones have their own season
from late August till early November.

Soon I will feel deprived of the light.
Dark after 6pm.

Western Men (and women) have given us
the shock therapy of daylight un-saving time.
Re-adjusting to nature –
shaped into a shocking experience.

Only humans deploy such crazy schemes

Being deprived of light and colour is not the only issue.
Darkness, rain and cold will force me to live indoors.
Confined to a living room and a kitchen.

Time spent alone will shrink to nothing
And getting a fresh nose,
to escape the noises
of kitchen, TV,
and fighting children,
will be less obvious.

Winter shrivels up ‘my’ space
my mental self will more be challenged
an exercise that wouldn’t be too bad
if it would not last
for half a year.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) August 2013 – @home– Canon ixus 230 HS – IMG_4489/4490


20 thoughts on “fall is fast approaching

  1. Visiting your space because I feel Autumn coming here as well. We’ve had a mild Summer and no complaints about that really; but I missed getting to swim because it was never warm enough to. I like the coming season, it matches my personal season, at this time. A time of harvesting a life and being colorful; not yet declining into the quiet sleep, that comes with winter’s time.

  2. Longing lingers in the poem, while seasons change around our little blue ball … fresh fragrance of spring seeps through my windows.

  3. 1. So, having felt what you have written what do you see as your attachments in that connection? This is question requiring reflection not reply.
    2. The hibernation factor? – if I may coin the term (if it does not exist).

  4. Fall and winter are my favorites. I am a cocooner, and cozy feeling of sweater wearing craver by nature (but not having children of my own, my space is my space, so I hear you Bert on that front 🙂 ). It is funny, but JUST last night I was noting that the sun is down almost a full hour earlier than the last time I paid attention to the time this occurred at. We have continued to move in space while I was not paying attention. -x.M

    • i agree that fall and winter have their charms … but here, when it’s dark till 9am and already from 4pm, the space available to me crumbles to the confinement of this small house that I blog from. I will soon miss the light!

  5. Sounds like you need a little hide-a-way. As for Fall, I have to admit to loving it and looking forward to it all summer. Summers in New York City are claustophobic and the pits. The streets smell. It is horribly humid and airless and the concrete retains the heat at night. So I do love Fall and winter, too, though the driving is hazardous when icy and snowy. As for the darkness, they do sell so-called “happy lights”– lamps that give sunlight-like light to lift your spirits if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder or just the winter blues. I got one for my husband for not too much money. It works!!
    Lovely photos and funny captions very mujch enjoyed.

    • A hide-away 🙂 why not, a barn in the garden with a wood stove …
      I can imagine that living in the big city is not at its best during Summer.
      My wife bought me a happy-light 18 months ago. I don’t know whether it helps at all, I should ask her 🙂

  6. I awoke yesterday morning and noted this feeling of fall as well. The air, the sounds, the sunlight, even the garden is showing it now.

    The changing of the seasons is bittersweet for me. I appreciate autumn with its crisp, cooler days, the trees readying themselves for rest. But I know, too, that I’ll miss the long, lazy days of summer, the liveliness of a child’s season.

    Change–it’s always up to something.

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