large green spotted dragonfly

When rare animals appear, bert is often struck by awe. This also happened today when a large green spotted dragonfly (Blue-eyed Hawker – Aeshna affinis) came to fly within meters of the hammock where bert was resting. His youngest daughter was called to come and admire the insect.

To bert’s surprise, the large insect landed on his hand.

Unfortunately, bert’s mind took over in an instant and shook the great insect off. Another part of bert’s mind decided seconds later that dragonflies probably do not bite human beings. But unfortunately, the moment of testing this theory had long gone. It might take another 48 years before the next dragonfly spontaneously lands on bert’s body and this blog will be closed by then.

How unfortunate to have Awe being replaced by Fear. If awe had lasted long enough, the 6 year old might have had just enough time to bring the camera. But now there is no picture 😦


9 thoughts on “large green spotted dragonfly

  1. Bert, OMG! Don’t let that moment pass. Go back to that spot and just become quiet and still and ask the D-fly to share it’s energy with you. It brings the power of the Light. And then “know” that the energy is sent to you and express gratitude. (And ask it to visit again while you’re at it. 🙂 It’s associated with Nature Spirits & the elements of nature so it will be made aware of your request.) I’m not crazy, LOL! I just love this stuff, you can probably tell by my tone. I had one come and sit on my knee once while at the beach. It was very cool! – And it’s name, blue eyed hawker. It has a very definate message for you. So (1) think about D-fly’s energy; the power of the Light (2) blue eyes; eyes are how we see our world & blue; calmness, happiness or a chakra connection (whatever you feel works for you (3) name “hawker”; a message that the message itself is a strong one (4) landed on your hand; represents how we deal with our experiences in life. (5) right hand? our masculine energy (strength, courage) – left hand? our feminine energy (creativity, intuition). Nothings lost, look at all he left you to think about. String the messages all together and compare that to what’s going on in your life, in your heart, and perhaps what you were thinking about at the time of his visit. Love & Light. 🙂

    • Thank you, Dani, for this elaborate and insightful comment. I saw it again, late this evening. The females have slightly different colours, forest green. The males are more persian green/even jade.

      This is wikipedia’s image, but the colour is slightly different:

      This one must be residing close by, I saw it already 4 times now.
      I never had one coming to sit on my right hand, I think few people have – you were lucky too.
      I rescued one many years ago from our veranda, using a floor brush.

      2 weeks ago, a hoverfly landed on my left indexfinger, and stayed more than two minutes. I photographed it and blogged about this event in

      Love and Light

  2. LOVE this! It is funny and serious at the same time. Human nature and responses really do draw us together– so why can’t there be peace? We are more alike than unlike– despite cultural differences.

    • most people focus on the differences … I’ve been doing the opposite for the past 25 years or so – but this insight is not transferable, one has to experience it.

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