it's never easy to be a bumblebee

it’s not easy being a bumblebee

A fat bumblebee went over seas and landed on my 6 year old daughter. A bathing suit is not a good protection against the seldom used bumblebee sting. So the father’s mind (subset: instinct) wanted to get rid or push the bumblebee. So I gently slapped it.

Normally bumblebees fly off to better ground but to Spirit’s disappointment this one fell into the sea. Spirit wanted to save it because it cares. Mind also wanted to save it because it felt guilty.

Mind devised a method of scooping the unfortunate bumblebee out of the sea onto the sand. This didn’t work. A wave carried it back into the sea.

Mind used a shell to lift the bumblebee. It really didn’t like a seashell and wanted to climb onto the connected finger.
Spirit agreed, but mind got very afraid of the enormous bee’s sting and poison, and the bee tumbled back into the sea several times.

Spirit did not give up and hinted a car key in my pocket. The key itself had a soft key ring made of pillow material, figuring a tiny turtle — a father’s day gift crafted by the same daughter two years earlier. She was now curiously watching a crazy spectacle.

The bumblebee held on for dear life and did not want to crawl onto the father’s finger any more.

Low tide meant that we had to hobble over a large distance of sticky sand, sharp stones and mucky algae before we reached a dune row. All the time the bumblebee used its wings to blow dry itself, but it did not move an inch. It felt shy when other family members were shown its wet hairs. It certainly did not want to move onto the sand.

Spirit removed the idea of now photographing the scene, and wasting more time.
Spirit brought a flower into view, next to other curious tourists.

When put close, finally the bumblebee decided to swap turtle for flower, continuously blow drying, and only very slowly moving onto the bindweed.

Father’s and daughter’s minds felt relieved. Guilt had made space for victory.

Spirit had only compassionately cared for the robot like insect which mind, for some utility reason, felt much better about than for the common housefly.

I first published this post on “Me & Ian or Spirit & Earthling”, on August 2, 2013 with the following recommendation:
… a little story about a bumblebee, a little girl, and her father attempting to rescue a bumblebee using too much of his mind and too little intuition …

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) August 2013 – @Dunkerque(fr) near Oye-Plage – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_3871

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