meditation is not a duty

dew drops on grass / awe inspiring micro moments of Silence

dew drops on grass / awe inspiring micro moments of Silence

Meditation should be of Spirit. It should be done regularly.
I plead guilty. I haven’t meditated  in more than 6 weeks.
Perhaps even longer.

I have noticed moments of awe, in those 6 weeks.
Micro fragments in Spirit.
Not so many. But still some.

Then today, a longer moment.
Only 5 minutes.
A whirlpool of inspiration.

We think that we have to make time for Spirit, but it doesn’t work this way. Spirit will claim time, regardless. We only have to be open to those moments. That means, letting go of thought, and reasoning, and memory, and past experience.

A duty is something we do to conform to a given environment.
Duty is of the mind. We don’t have a duty to Spirit.

Still, in the past 6 weeks, my mind claimed too much of my being. Leaving too little time to Spirit. Mind can at least try to schedule a time to claim less of my being, and for making space for Silence. Mind can surrender for seconds, perhaps even minutes, just enough for Spirit to be noticed.

A micro moment of awe,
waiting for a train,
and enjoying the sun,
and the beauty around us.

Or 5 minutes of rest,
without interpretation,
only inspiration.

Or 20 minutes of
walking or sitting meditation …
which doesn’t sound spontaneous,
but is indeed a surrender to Spirit,
an action inspired by Spirit.

So, who is pleading guilty in that first line of this post?
It is certainly not Spirit.
It must be mind,
finding an excuse,
as it always does.

An excuse to always remain in charge of things,
always chattering, a cloaked dictator,
trying to outsmart Spirit.
Except that in between two thoughts,
Spirit always puts a wedge, …
that sooner or later
we forget to ignore …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) May 2013 – @home – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_2755

I first published this post on “Me & Ian or Spirit & Earthling”, on July 26, 2013 with the following recommendation:
… a first guest post at a brand new, ever morphing blog, started a couple of days ago by my friend Ian …

7 thoughts on “meditation is not a duty

  1. It’s a pleasure to read this – again. My comment is probably very random, but I recall interesting and unexpected micro moments of awe in the past weeks: I have been preparing for exams (in engineering) and – since I detest ‘cramming just for exams’ – I read all kinds of loosely related stuff, mainly basic physics which is the basis of engineering.
    I uncovered some really old physics text books and it was a real pleasure to see all kinds of things reconnecting with each other, making sense – not only in relation to technology and science, but in relation to my life as a whole.

    • Hope you did a good exam. My cramming has become less intense as citrix my pilot teaching was satisfactory … now it’s time again to go sideways and stuff the course full of examples and side windows.

      • Thanks – it went very well! Do you have to take a lot of certification exams set by product vendors (Citrix, Cisco, some Linux distribution…) as a teacher? Being judged on pilot teaching makes more sense, I guess.

        • To be honest, nobody ever asked me for certificates for teaching jobs. Although I have some. But, a pilot like the one I did doesn’t make much sense either – too long. When I got hired by IBM education and training a long time ago, they asked me to select a chapter of one of the courses I would have to teach, and that I never looked upon before, and then come back 3 days later to teach that subject to a test audience. That made sense.

  2. Denouement is French. I didn’t realize it’s also an English word. I looked it up in the Larousse as well as in the Oxford. The root word knot is there, and the un-knotting of the dynamics and in life, while the mind tries to relentlessly hold onto the known, not surrendering.
    Thank you for sharing this part of your diary.

  3. Bert, here is an extract from my DreaMeditation file which has, I think, a bearing on what you write:

      Meditation – Date: 07.10.90 / Time: Early morning

    Meditation result: Towards the end of meditation the word denouement came to mind and, as I know the word but not its meaning, I resolved to look it up in my dictionary
    after the meditation. The meanings given in the dictionary were:
    1. The final clarification or resolution of a plot in a play or work.
    2. Final outcome and
    3. Solution.
    Feeling during the meditation: All this was accompanied by a very strong, positive feeling which continued throughout the day.
    Outcome: At the time I was jobless and almost penniless and, within a fortnight, my car had been repossessed and my already poor job prospects consequently virtually eliminated. At my daughter’s invitation I put my cat on a plane, gave my meagre household chattels to charity and boarded a bus with two woven plastic fabric bags of clothing etc. for a twenty-four hour journey interstate to stay with my daughter.

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