a slower season …

Looking back
a slug can do
without even
turning its head.

We look back
twisting our minds
seeing a past
that never has been.

Living the fractional past
relying on an incomplete memory
filling the gaps and claiming the ultimate truth
never living in the here and now

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) June/July 2013 – @home and @Chestnut_Forest – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_2758/3321/3552/3461


20 thoughts on “a slower season …

    • Most animals, even slugs, are beautiful by nature’s design. But slugs are difficult to photograph in all their glory: they refuse to smile most of the time.

  1. Nice marriage of images and words of truth. We wallow in the past and fear for the future and, as they say in AA, with one foot in the past and the other in the future, we piss on the present.

  2. One month ago I had posted a slug riding on a snail (in my time-out announcement post) – just for fun. Amazingly I did not consider the slug / snail a metaphor of a slower pace… though it should be obvious.
    You are right about the here and now -if you analyze your past too much you start remembering your memories (or your memories of memories) instead of remembering the past “as it was”. I have read that we twist and turn our memories as remembering is an active process.

    • thank you for your insightful comment.
      Remembering “as it was” becomes nostalgia. I think nostalgia is a combination of a sad emotion while mind is looking back thinking things were better in the past.

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