Frustrated in the 2nd degree …

All frustration(s), anger and sadness, almost always arise,
from the difference between reality and how it should be.
This is the first degree.

Can it get worse?
Of course!!

Do you have a gecko in your head, sticking to the glass of unreality with stealth boots?

Do you have a gecko in your head, sticking to the glass of unreality with stealth boots? (who dares to click the gecko’s feet?)

You are suspecting your neighbour of having stolen your drilling machine. Fact is that you forgot where you put it after he returned it to you. But in your mind, your neighbour was the last one who touched it, and slowly your mind gets convinced that he did not return it. In fact, your mind tells you that every Sunday he’s making some additional income using your tools.

So now you get angry because of the difference between an incorrectly perceived reality and the way things should be (just another theory in your head).

Don’t tell me this never happened to you.
Who didn’t close the fridge?
Who didn’t turn off the lights on the attic?
Of course it wasn’t you, or was it?

That strange phone call, yesterday night,
on your significant other’s mobile phone.
No number, and he was sleeping already,
so you answered it
and you heard a sigh and then click.
It must have been a young woman.
You are very sure of that!

False accusations are sometimes really dishonest ways of silencing people, but most of the time they are just a case of an incomplete reality, taken for the complete truth. And at least two people suffer from this. The accused who believes the world should be a just place and now the world is falling into pieces for no reason at all. And the accuser who gets angry, sad, vengeful or desperate for something that never happened. It is very difficult to be a judge, I’m telling you.

Our memory is not reliable. A reality recalled from the past is always like a Swiss cheese. Even worse: the reality we perceive in the present moment, here and now, is  also very flawed and incomplete. We can’t look around the corner, or see what someone else might be thinking, …

Angry for ‘one incomplete unreality’ against ‘the ideal world in your head’. Two opposed unreal concepts, and they can make you angry, or sad or desperate.

Think about it,
but not too long,
or you will conceptualize
what I just wrote
as just another ideal world.
You might even become afraid of fear itself, so to speak,
and you might never trust your memory or your eyes ever again …
(ghostly Halloween laughter)

Pictures taken by bvdb (whoisbert) June 5th 2013 / 1.03pm @Antwerp_Zoo – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_3238

13 thoughts on “Frustrated in the 2nd degree …

  1. I keep my words sweet in case I need to eat them! I choose to be responsible for every thought, feeling and action. Thanks for your time and energy for coming by my blog and liking my posts! I appreciate you! ❤ :~)

    • I am not always in control of the sweetness in my words. I wish I were. But there is progress every day, be it only small steps. Your affirmations are inspiring.

  2. Again a good read Bert!

    The 3rd degree: oh well, sitting there and wondering. But not too much…
    Doing what you really like to do, regardless of the money, is the best remedy (that is in my perception) against failure and fear or the outside/other persons perception of failure/fear.

    • Hi Manuel, great to see you.

      … the 2nd degree is often double fear indeed. The fear that makes up a negative story, and the fear for reality.
      … been thinking about the 3rd degree too. But I don’t see it yet. Perhaps a story full of circular thinking, but that is still a story …
      … the more I ponder over these kind of things, the more I see how we fool ourselves minute by minute, living often completely outside reality …
      You give the best solution: doing what you like to do, although such is sometimes also a life within a closed frame of reference, because it is often opposed to change …

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