Nobody’s mind feels its age …

Lichens are symbiotic beings where a fungus and blue or green algae live together. The algae transforms light into useful energy where the fungus is more a protecting agent. They grow very slowly and do live very long.

An adult mind is at least in one way like lichen. The adult mind does only grow very slowly.

The mind has a good impression of itself. It has created this impression. And since this ‘self’ is created by mind, it can be believed to be eternal and untouchable. While mind can feel the deterioration of the brain and memory, mind cannot feel its own age. What is the age of a concept anyway?

Pictures taken by bvdb (whoisbert) – Canon ixus HS230 – may 2013 – @chestnut_forest IMG_2627/2729/2704/2553


20 thoughts on “Nobody’s mind feels its age …

  1. Reblogged this on Daily Observation and commented:
    ‘The mind has a good impression of itself. It has created this impression. And since this ‘self’ is created by mind, it can be believed to be eternal and untouchable.’

    Much truth is in these words. @D

  2. AnElephantCant argue with Bert001
    He is usually quite juvenile in his mind
    But sometimes without warning
    He wakens in the morning
    And feels he must be at least one hundred and ninety-nine

    • I visited my aunt today. 89 years she has walked this earth. She confirmed my conjecture that indeed the mind does not feel that age. But the body does not want to follow any more. And now she’s without illusions, and hurt by so many happenings in that long life, experiences collected in for her a not degrading memory. Memory is old and full, but mind is still 20.

      • That is a very respectable age of your aunt.. and I know what you mean, Bert. I also think that some people are born old with an old mind and some people prefer to stay forever young in their mind. Groetjes, Francina

  3. ….Even my son asked what this was…but, how intricate and really quite beautiful, I like your reference from here to age as well.

  4. Mind does seem to be stuck at an early age, like 20, when it began to think for itself for real maybe. Of course, I hope there have been improvements but mind does not age and it says how did body get to be old? Mind knows it is really time to work on soul now.
    P.S. Do you know about Amma? She is coming to New York– I won’t stand hours in line to see her in this heat and even not in this heat. Too many people. Just wondered if you knew of her and your thoughts.

    • Well, I know what you mean. We think that we don’t have to continue to learn from that age, although we do. Most of the time only through our painful experiences — and even then we usually do not accept the lesson.
      I never read anything from Amma, although I know it is Hindi for mother. So I only know the good and the bad rumours. 🙂

    • … you are welcome – concepts remain in memory, although they slowly change shape in there, so then their age might be different or not 🙂

  5. Good Morning Bert, Thank you for stopping by my blog HappinessHeals and liking my posts! Gratitude Dance! Have three posts liked at once Woo Hoo! I appreciate your time and attention. I love lichens near our home we found what I call lichen mushrooms teeny tiny mushrooms looking things that were only about a half inch tall and the thickness of about 10 hairs. It was an adventure in life on the rocks. :~)

    • I visit most people who come to visit me, and even a lot more … Your daily posts on gratitude are always very inspiring. Lichen Mushrooms … I think I know what you mean, umbrella and shaped like a lebanese cedar, but indeed very tiny. Perhaps looking like thislichen on a stick

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