promises …

Most promises are of the mind

They do not last,
not forever

Mind is never stable,

in the solidified
unlearning state

preceding death

Regrets will haunt the keeper,
trying to twist and bend the words
ever moving concepts they contained
till none of those thought holders
preserves original intention
evolving unconsciously

in the head

The other side does just the same
memory never precise

inaccuracy is filled in with
whatever mind desires

Sorrow ensues,
doubt, fear and worry,

a war of words,
a war of evolving minds
unbeknownst to both of them
they spiral away
far from the plan …


Rare promises are of the heart
they are not planned
have no intention
unspoken and unheard

there are no words
no desires, no attachments,
no craving, no wants,
no anxieties for loss,
no bitterness, no lust,
no hopes and no fears …
not mindful and not mindless,
not careful and not careless,

only hearts can radiate
the eternal promise,
of love, and compassion …
these hearts give all
without any condition

perhaps you are really lucky
perhaps your heart promises
are connected to other ones
the two way direction
gateways of love

Pictures taken by bvdb (whoisbert) – Canon ixus HS230 – @home IMG_2804 @chestnut_forest IMG_3302


8 thoughts on “promises …

  1. I love this Bert! Beautiful flow of words and thoughts.

    I came up with a poem when I was in my early twenties to help me remember something about promises, I spun it into a more adult poem somewhere on my blog. I cannot remember that one, but I do remember my simple one.

    “promises are meant to be broken,
    promises are untrue,
    promises mean nothing,
    when they come from you”

    It sounds kind of harsh, it was a way to help me remember that promises do not mean the same to others as they do to me. That was a very hard lesson to learn.

    I like your eloquent of words much better: 🙂

    “Rare promises are of the heart
    they are not planned
    have no intention
    unspoken and unheard”

    Very true. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for the appreciation.
      The first part of ‘promises’ arrived while driving.
      While I wrote down that mind reality, days later, the other reality of the heart presented itself too, wanting to be written as the reality beyond thought and concepts.
      Promises are better unspoken. They will withstand a lot of tests.
      The conceptual promise should be called a treaty.
      Something like a ceasefire. 🙂

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