… a zoo in my backyard …


I have been busy with life and many of its facets.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make time for any decent post recently.

However … these flies couldn’t resist my camera
and wanted to be published no matter what.
They are difficult objects ..
never waiting for the camera to focus …

These happy four,
where not too afraid,
and waited
just one second

than their
hard working
colleagues …

Pictures taken by bvdb (whoisbert) between May 24th and June 9th 2013 – Chestnut Forest – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_2785/2970/3333/3324

25 thoughts on “… a zoo in my backyard …

  1. Great pictures! I really should take a photo of a very special insect that sometimes visits our garden – it looks like a hybrid of a large blue bug and butterfly, or a fat blue mutant fly – no idea how it is called.

    • Thank you, aren’t they all beautiful in their own dimension. Some moments last longer than others – otherwise there would be no pictures 🙂

  2. I love to observe wildlife. I study insects, flowers, spider, amphibians. I have a wild turkey (and his firends) who roost on my yard and beg food from me all the time. We see bears her, I saw a coyote last night There are so many amazing things out there if we just look! beebee

  3. Bugs are so beautiful. I hope one day if I transition into a rose, that a dragonfly will land on me and that my atoms, then as pollen, I will be carried away on just such a bee. -x.M

  4. Beautiful bug photos, Bert. Love the nectar-eating bee! Have missed you. Hope all is ok. Life does get in the way sometimes. It is hard to do it all. Take good care, Ellen xx

    • thank you Ellen. These bugs are fascinating when we can see them in their own dimensions.
      I have missed blogging and my blogging friends a lot too. There is a little more time these coming weeks, but in summer a lot of time, life is celebrated outdoors, far away from computers and the internet 🙂

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