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befriending a flamingo ... interesting or synergy

befriending the flamingo …

Being in the mindset: ‘interesting’ is something that could increase my ‘specialness’.
A couple of weeks ago I reblogged a post, containing audio-material by GD on ‘specialness’
Specialness increases my separation from others. Being special only shows the gap between me and others. We invent one hundred ways to increase our ‘specialness’, and aggregating what is ‘interesting’ is just one aspect of this.

Why do I find something interesting?

Do I find something interesting because it will increase my sense of self, or do I find things interesting because I enjoy the ‘gaming’ part of it, sporting or playing with skills and knowledge.

There is nothing wrong with an interest in a hobby: it’s a game, something to occupy mind, something that can grow into a profession. But be aware, when we start feeling special about it. When our interest has grown into something valuable, mind forgets humility and makes a ‘special’ identity from it.

There is playing, but there is also the ‘interest’ on purpose. Using or even abusing appearance, skills and knowledge to become more powerful, rich or famous (or all three together).

The same is true for making connections with others, and finding ‘them’ interesting. Do I really like this person or am I just befriending him/her because their higher status might somehow reflect on me.

What do you find ‘interesting’, and is it a healthy interest? Could you analyse your motives when the word ‘interesting’ jumps into your mind?

Picture taken by bvdb (whoisbert) Wednesday 5 June 2013 – 10h58 am CET – Antwerp Zoo – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_3013


20 thoughts on “interesting …

  1. I find that in any instance replacing “interesting” or “special” with EQUAL brings it back to truth. I was just reading about “special relationships” this morning. How relative to see this post today … 🙂

    • the mind likes to play these word games, so it can feel itself different and separated from others. Whether it does so by finding itself special, or by learning interesting facts and things to become more special, is all the same game.
      When the mind is not identified with from within, or at least, less identified with, this separation and specialness slowly starts to fade away, giving rise to ‘experiencing’ in stead of experiences, seeing the world as it is in stead of as it should be, giving up the control freak and activating ‘right action’ from deep inside … feeling less sad and incapable of anger for the unavoidable and the real.

  2. This post is so, er, interesting! For me, finding something or someone of interest means it provokes my heart and my mind to jump at possibilities – a kinetic stimulation, of sorts; an excitement at getting to know something or someone more, to explore, to journey on. I don’t see my own selfish interests as part of the equation, only that I love life, love adventure, love exploring what it is to be human in a physical universe! That’s about as analytical as I’m going to get! Fun post, Bert.

  3. What makes anyone special, or different, is the sum total of their experiences to date at any time – their moul, as I call it – and the absence of this is what makes all One. Hence, when we shed the moul we attain enlightenment and attain oneness 🙂

    • When the mental mind looks for things that would make itself special, things get out of hand.
      I don’t think that we can remove that totality of experiences. I also think it would make life rather dull. However if one is aware of this, that is already one big step forward.

  4. Been thinking and thinking about the post on being special. So glad you posted it. We are all special but we want to be apart from the crowd for egoistic pleasure– perhaps human nature??? And yet we want to be “normal” and “fit in”– a conflicting desire also for egoistic pleasure. Egoistic pleasure is very fleeting, superficial and not to be pursued or, rather, to not be pursued for itself. What to pursue? Our “oneness” with all people. Our commonalities. Everyone is interesting. We must pursue our “oneness” of being which, once felt (if that is the right word), makes giving up egoistic pleasures (like being interesting) easier. But one has to keep up the chase for “oneness” lest lesser pursuits drown out the higher calling of one’s soul.

  5. In my experience I have found that there is nothing “wrong” with allowing of feeling “special” when one remembers that everybody else is that exact same special, too. 🙂

    What is valued as trash and what is treasure?

    When I have met other “important” or “interesting” people as defined by or based on an external measuring stick, I have always, all ways reminded myself that on the internal level, it is an eternally equal playing field. This is the only place where specialness holds any real water and because of that, it is the exact same specialness of us all!

    This is then Namaste in action by valuing and greeting the person who cleans the toilets the same as the one who, for a time, appears to own the skyscraper they are being cleaned in.

    In my life, once I grokked living from that shared inner dance floor, I have in turn puzzled (running into pissing off 🙂 ) some pretty “powerful” people on paper who have yet to realize their true worth while we all move around in the world together. This has been done by looking them deeply in the eye and calling them out onto that level playing field of OUR shared truth while not feeding the illusions of our egos. I treat myself and others as special, not because of what we do or have or say, but because of who and what we ACTUALLY are. There in is the true power of being special when one can see with eyes of “love” instead of looking with eyes that barter from the trades of external stories in the market place.

    GREAT reminder here Bert!!! of how and where we value ourselves and others at the foundation of any interaction, will impact what we can experience with each other.

    Are you special Bert? In my eyes, absolutely yes!!! …and so am I and so is every other person who finds their way to reading your inspired post.

    I celebrate the interestingness that is Bert (and Larry and Marga- those commenting so far) found brilliantly writing and reflecting here, because it directly contributes to the expanding interestingness of us all 🙂 -x.M

    Same name, only signed with a unique signature with the words chosen to share: (-video is the BOMB at grokking this!)

    (NEVER better or more interesting than a “Bert”, only different filtered by a “M”)

    • There is seldom anything wrong with doing things that would not have any bad effect on other beings in the universe. Such is certainly true after having climbed and conquered the mountain. Moreover, while climbing, we must find our path our own way.
      There is nothing wrong with mind and mental functions like memory and opinion either. We couldn’t live in this world without them. We should only become aware of how they effect what we perceive. So it is with ‘specialness’ and so it is with being interested in secondary ‘specialness’, ‘interests’.
      We are all special, but I think GD was talking about our hierarchy of specialness 🙂
      Like George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others … ” something we should try to avoid.

  6. This baffles me. What are you getting at? It strikes me very negatively – gives me a bad vibe. I don’t normally feel this way when I read your blog. Please explain where you are going with this… Thanks.

    • We often say:”interesting…”. Sometimes out loud, often in silence. What is our motive to say that? Do we say these words when acquiring something? Knowledge that could increase our power? Or we are playing with the thought of enlightenment, and read something that could bring us closer?
      Or are we keeping ourselves busy with a project, and we have just scooped something that might lead to … Perhaps a breakthrough?
      Just look at yourself whenever you think that word, and look at the nature of your mind.

      • Wise and stunningly beautiful men in a sacred conversation that we all get to witness. Such heart happiness on my end of the screen for the share. -x.M

  7. ooooh, are you rich, famous, and powerful?- so glad meet interesting you! hahahahahaha 🙂 This internal dynamic can be such a subtle filter. Thank you for your attention on these nearly invisible nuances. I think I have been haunted by this dynamic all my life – a reality which is rarely spoken about or taught, yet affects everyone most all of the time in giving and receiving of attention.

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