inside four flowers …

time to inspire
a walk in the botanic garden

Picture taken by bvdb (whoisbert) Sunday 9 June 2013 – 13h00 pm CET – Leuven Botanical Gardens – Canon ixus HS230 – IMG_3404/3414/3487/3452

23 thoughts on “inside four flowers …

    • when I first downloaded that Iris picture, I had to delve into my notebook to remember what it was. I also thought about a sea creature, but I never went underwater.
      A tiny change of perspective and the world becomes unrecognisable.

      • 😀 You should have sold it your readers as a sea creature – as a test…. waiting for a trained biologist or flowers addict to point out the error.

    • I discovered by accident, that the autofocus goes to macro-mode when closer than 1cm to a large object. Now that is not special.
      However, this does not work with small flowers. The autofocus looks straight through them and focuses on any object further away – so I fool the camera by putting my hand close to the lens and then focus on it. Next I keep that focus and move to the desired object, and “click”. One in Four pictures are OK, and about one out of twenty looks like these. It doesn’t help that I don’t see a sharp display with my glasses on (need about half a meter) and without glasses I barely see anything 🙂
      Small Animals are the worst. They don’t like my hand, neither do they like the camera.

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