crazy nostalgia …

When I hear the music of the late sixties,
synapses are firing around,
feeling the joy of a child without worries.

Then the pain hits.
This is GONE !

<< This is nostalgia >>

But I don’t have worries now,
so why having to feel the pain?
Why wanting to go back?

Can’t I just be the child without worries
and right now enjoy the memory of childhood
and at the same time enjoy the music of those years?

Mind, mind, what are you doing to me!


18 thoughts on “crazy nostalgia …

    • Watching the emotion and wondering why … being amazed how things work. Nostalgia is not a bad feeling, no emotion really is bad, but those emotions should not be extended by mind into something that lasts hours or even days.
      A normal emotion is a very fleeting feeling only lasting less than 5 minutes. Mind seems to make the story around it and stay there for a very long time.

  1. It takes however long it takes. I still catch myself reminiscing and getting sadder by the minute – mostly around raising my kids, which went far too quickly. Then I pull myself into the present, and a smile spreads across my face. We can, after all, only be in the here and now. Truly. (But you know that! 😉 )

    • The emotion is okay, it shouldn’t last too long. Mind wants to stay in the safety of the childhood without worries, and starts to make stories about the difficulties in life as they are right now. At that moment, we should focus on something different, or not focus at all anymore.

  2. You have captured the essence of nostalgia perfectly!
    In addition to music I fall for the TV commercials of my childhood 🙂 These were real memes!

    • I particularly liked the in betweens such as the Mainzelmännchen on ZDF. And there are some rare occasions that I walk through youtube to find more.

      • 😀 😀 I grew up with only 4 channels – and one of them was ZDF. I also liked the Mainzelmännchen. I admit I sometimes also search for old commercials and cartoons on Youtube.

  3. Well, music is particularly evocative and I find that old movies will generate the same sort of emotions, sometimes food. But, in the end, there’s no time like the present, personally and culturally.

    Speaking of the later did you see “Midnight in Paris” … ??

    • Music, food, also fragrances … and then the google in your head comes with something completely unexpected 🙂
      I lost track of Woody Allen a long time ago, but your recommendation might be just enough to mobilize my dvd-player.

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