Specialness ~ An extra-ordinary talk by GD

Thank you Deepti for this fantastic post and audiotalk by GD.
I have tried to ban the word ‘ego’ out of my blogs, since it has never been well defined, and means something different depending on the background of people talking, listening, writing or reading.
However after listening to GD’s talk on ‘specialness’ – I think that it is this specialness that most people see or suffer from 🙂 as their ‘ego’.
I really enjoyed the talk …

Flowering of eternity

This is one of the best talks I’ve ever heard. It is one of those group sessions where GD opens to a page in A Course In Miracles, starts reading it, and opens up a discussion in the group based on the lines. This is a talk I kept visiting once…twice…thrice and every time I did, I became more aware of acting out from specialness. Eventually I just sat down with my journal and started making a note of all the places where I play out this specialness, pausing it at very intervals. GD has so incisively pulled out the many different angles to this subject that it is one hell of an ego buster! Though of course, he does it with his characteristic humour that softens some of the blow 🙂

I invite you to hear it with this context – Are you aware of the many ways in…

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