being stubborn



Not being able to go for a walk,

due to bad weather,

makes me difficult

and stubborn.


Being stubborn

is a problem of

an attached mind.


My neighbour’s donkey

roams around in a meadow,

mine grazes in the middle of  my head.




27 thoughts on “being stubborn

    • Now it works – very funny, really hope he does not bite. Besides that donkey in the head, is it yours or mine? Or are there two donkeys now? 🙂

  1. Love the donkey. We have one nearby, too. Do you pet him? I have been afraid. We, too, are cooped up due to rain and cold. But sort of cozy. Finally went out in the rain and wind to install some plants and take photos. Stubborn, too!

    • This one is a crazy donkey. I think he would bite. He never comes closer than one meter. Weather is unavoidable. Strange that we are so attached to our expectations of good and bad weather. So you have a donkey in your head too 🙂 ?

  2. The walks you take through the stubbornness of your mind is good exercise. I appreciate the creativity discovered amidst the stubbornness.

    • It’s not a good feeling – but at least these days I seem to be able to discern what this or that feeling really means. Something nobody ever taught me when a child.

      • O! the lessons we were taught as children and even now continue to resist learning. We’ve learned much, though, despite our wondering if the lessons were wrong.

        I appreciate self study, discovering the brilliance within by way of searching for the wisdom without, and then choosing to learn what best serves me and our world.

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