can you sing without a song?

Do you always need a song to sing?
What about improvisation?
What I am doing right now, the writing process, is improvisation?

this cow never signs the same song ...

this cow never signs the same song …

When the improvisation is finished, inspired by the moment, some polishing is needed to get a finished post. However, that post will remain unchanged for a long time, until I want to re-use it for something else, or rewrite it.


So creativity starts with inspiration, and then improvisation uses past and experience to make something around that inspiration. A second part is making a finished object. That object, a blog post in this case, has to be read. The post is the song. Once the post is read, the post is dead. Once the song is no more sung, the song is dead. So it looks more like the song is preventing me to sing something new, but even without a song I can still sing.

children singing

Whining children are in fact singing a sad song. The song I have in my head, is not the one belonging to the whining children. My memory tells me that in the month of May it must be 25 degrees, but today, it isn’t. My memory tells me that children are not supposed to whine for a long time, but today they did.

If however, I can abandon my song, the one in memory, and improvise a new whining song with them, I will love their presence, and they might change their notes while we improvise something together. And then we might notice that the sad whining tunes changes into something else. (but not always 😉 )

the wake up song

When I wake up, I’m singing a song. It might come from my last dream, or from an unfinished story belonging to yesterday and past. This January, I wrote about this song in a different way, and called it my Ramsay-meter.

But this song can be improvised upon, it has to follow the wave of being in the present. If I’d keep singing the song of a bad mood when waking up, I would never change my mood.

If I don’t feel love when I wake up, it is not my lack of improvisation or inspiration keeping me away from love. Somehow there is a mechanism in my brain, holding on to the bad mood, the whining song, the song about ‘stupid life and crazy people’.

But I don’t have to stay in that place the whole day. Every moment is a new opportunity to improvise the song of that moment, the song of now. In that song, adjectives change fast, and can be retuned to the source of inspiration, whenever the moment is now.


18 thoughts on “can you sing without a song?

  1. It’s the singing, as you say… ‘creativity is all of this together in unison’ and the different kinds of improvisation can evolve in all kinds of ways.

        • Improvising comes from the mind, definitely, bringing old patterns together in a different form. Often we are just jamming while improvising.

          Sometimes we ‘see’ a new form, and improvise to realize it.
          Where does that form come from?
          Is that not the inspiration that led to the creativity?

            • I think creativity is all this together in unison.
              It starts with a moment, short or long, of inspiration. Mind chews this inspiration, and bitewise gets ideas (improvisation) and more inspiration.
              When the creation then wants to be born, the mind gets in the flow, focussing on what it has to do and only that. Because of its focus it feels as if the channel of inspiration remains open, adding big and small new bits of inspiration into an improvised rearranged past.
              Finally, there is some period of letting the creation rest one or more times and looking whether and how one can finalize it on a formal level.

              this sums it up i think. I hope i didn’t contradict myslef in the process, but that would be the most interesting part of it 🙂

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