inspired by dew drops …

Beauty is everywhere
In day to day objects

Easily overlooked
Here, now, in my backyard
Be inspired,

There are days when the raindrops are so tiny, that they really look like fog. I made the following pictures 2 days ago, last Monday the 20th of May. This is the first series.

The side of the next object renders the most amazing light through its small dispersed droplets. It looks like a globular star cluster. But it is just a very common weed.


just a side view of the common dandelion …

D a n d e l i o n

top view - some seeds have already escaped to different ground ...

top view – some seeds have already escaped to different ground …

Now we are zooming in …

zooming in times two

zooming in times two

In fact the previous was not a zoom, but a downscale factor two …
The following is the real macro as captured by the amazingly small canon ixus.

cropped the original 4000x3000 pixels to center ...

cropped the original 4000×3000 pixels to center …

And just one question for those who went this far to read this last line: “Should I start to watermark pictures, or is this a waste of time?”

51 thoughts on “inspired by dew drops …

  1. I see nothing wrong with putting “copyrighted” under the image and asking for credit if reprinted. Nothing wrong with a watermark either. Up to you. I did copy the 2nd picture and named it Dandelion-Bert for remembrance.

    • Thank you, Scott, for your interesting reply.

      ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t see anything wrong with it either. The copyright had already been mentioned in the side bar for a couple of months.

      Watermarking is done inside the file, but is is removed as easily saying ‘jack robinson’. On another level, a picture is broken when there is some text line in the middle. When a film is aired on tv, they don’t put CBS in the middle of the screen (yet). A web site is like a small private media channel. I one cannot enjoy the pictures in their full splendour, why bother putting them? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Do we really ever own anything? I do feel for the family whose Christmas card photo ended up advertising something on a billboard in the Czech Republic, however, I am of the human family membership taking priority. I never watermark anything. My vote for myself is: if it is worth sharing, it is worth sharing in total freedom.

    If something of mine where to end up somewhere truly unwanted or unintended, it would do so for some larger lesson needed in my life. Nothing is random anymore when you step into the truth of conscious co-creation in ones life :). If one has emotionally cleaned house and taken responsibility for the darkness they have already created, it does not leave a charge in ones present (or presence :)) to have it revisit ever again in the same way.

    Again, this is not to say there is not pain, it is just never felt as suffering again. No watermark needed if there is no-thing to protect. x.M

    for a good lol:

    • STUNNING PHOTOS!!!! is the last sentence that got left off as post comment button was hit. WONDERFUL eye there Burt. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Here is an example of when I made a mistake related to this: (FUNNY sync as that was already the title of the post BEFORE the reply from photographer).

      I ALWAYS try to respect those who do wish to copyright. But I can tell you, this photographer will NEVER achieve the success that his eye has the potential of attaining when he is beginning from a position of limitation and lack. If he was kinder and freer with his gift and talent, I can promise he would be attracting much more teaching and sales to his door. He doesn’t know… I could be married to a man that might have helped this photographer become world famous by hiring him to do a photo for a cover on a new book that will sell on the NY Times best sellers list giving him TONS of public exposure. Oh well, his loss. However, I did give him a small plug in my little blog in apology for my mistake. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I tried to find the link to the story that immediately came to mind illustrating how this works when we are open and free with our shares… It is the story of a limo driver who took some neighborhood kids for a free ride around the block while he was waiting for an appointment (not a fancy neighborhood). Turns out one of the kids was from a wealthy wealthy family… that man now drives making twice as much working half as often because he was hired to drive full time by the parent’s of the child who came home raving about his generosity.

      • I’m still thinking about all the comments. I don’t worry if one or the other blogger would use one of my pics. I just hope they are not used by an organisation that supports the North Korean government.

        What most people don’t seem to get, is that there is an existing copyright law that protects writers, songwriters, composers, photographers all alike. There is nothing we have to do. I always keep the originals of the cuts I make, and one doesn’t need more proof than them in case of a collision of minds.

        Wisest thing to do is to put a creative commons notice: not commercial/derivative allowed/please mention the source. ๐Ÿ™‚

        May the source be with you.

        I’ve been doing that with my course materials too for 5 years now.

        I noticed that only about 10 people opted to see the Hi-Res pictures and clicked them. Which is rather strange. Or perhaps, wordpress stats is not accurate?

        I’ll have to check the slide show feature and see what resolution works seamless, and do future cuts on that format.

        • I am sitting still at a hotel in FL with a few minutes finally… got to love life lived out on the road :).

          I know it can seam rather woo woo, but any picture you create is done so with the emotion and conscious attainment that you have in your life as Bert infused into it. It is encoded into the image… this is why it can illicit such a breath taking response in the viewer because we can feel the beauty that you see, the beauty that you are through the picture.

          Might I humbly suggest that just such an image is EXACTLY what is needed to be used in and by areas of our world needing to be changed. The power of intent behind the image unfolds unconsciously in the eye of the beholder (it is just like the code in the background of this blog site that is what is actually the foundation of what we see as the finished product on our commuter screens).

          North Korea and it’s supporters need conscious creators and creations surrounding them and INFECTING them. I have two adult brothers who were adopted into my family from Korea as children, so saying this comes from no small place of new age airy faire fluff. It is never going to change as long as it is us against any them. Having a them means there is something separate to be against. It is our VERY lost human family that needs our conscious help the very most. I would be proud to have any image or word I ever create picked up in such areas of conflict on our planet, because to the best of my ability to do so, I am the change I want to see and I encode it into everything I touch. Those who are on the fence can feel the pull to wake up.

          Bert, quite frankly, you are a joy :). You touch the world with a stunning eye and a deep heart.

          • It is not us against north korea, it is us and the north koreans against their kim hitler. ๐Ÿ™‚ Switzerland did not melt his heart, unfortunately. Yes, infecting them, but nothing enters there, not even the very needed food. … (a different story for a different blog – dictators have always taken my attention, there are many of them, big and small)

            Interesting what you say about consciousness infusing into creations. This is indeed the case, from start to end.

        • PS… LOVE the “may the source be with you” !!! Can I borrow that and use it as I move around in the world? I promise to pay it forward with all karmic credit to Bert :). (-words left with such a light heart and joy at having your blog flow giving light in my inbox).

          Fun poking aside, as for clicking for large images, honestly there are those of us so far from technologically proficient that for a long time I did not even realize it was possible to do that!

    • You know, I’ve not been able to make up my mind about watermarks et al. I think maybe it depends of whether or not you plan to do something else with your photographs and want to ensure that you maintain control/copyright.

      • I’m thinking a lot more about creative commons. In the end awe and inspiration have to be shared. I do this for fun, and for others to enjoy.

        There is new legislation in the making however, that has to be looked upon with some suspicion. I quote “UK lawmakers maintain the purpose of the act is to get vast collections of photos, such as those held by libraries and museums, out of the archives and onto the Internet. But critics claim the new law could apply to online photos that don’t have an obvious owner โ€” referred to as orphan photos. And those photos could originate anywhere, raising photographers’ concerns about unauthorized use of their photos, no matter where they live.” from
        I wouldn’t mind if George Hickory would forget to put my name under the picture in his blog, but I would really mind if they would be used to promote a product.

  3. Excellent!
    N.B. For those interested, the leaves of the dandelion make a good and nourishing addition to salads (as do those of many weeds) and they cost nothing!

  4. Beautiful! I have mixed feelings on the watermark – I put my website link on my pics for blog posts usually – but I really enjoy sharing a great photo sometimes. Such a compliment when others use it… just thoughts… Really beautiful work!

    • Thank you for your most interesting comment.
      I have been an open source advocate for the past 10, even more, years. A creative commons solution has been on my mind too.

  5. I would watermark such exceptional images! But what about the text? Use a service such as copyscape? I sign business-related PDFs I put on my website digitally.
    I have a weird sense of humor but I totally lose it when somebody believes any content on the internet is “free”.
    Recently I have read about one of those “famous” science / nerdy sites on Facebook that shares tons of stuff every day (mainly visual stuff, often cut out pieces of images), and even started to make money with the site. So their business model is based on stealing content from other artists.

  6. These are gorgeous photographs– capture the experience of awe. I watermark because have had material stolen in the past. I use If I remember correctly it was not too expensive and is one extra step but no big deal. Loved the post!

  7. Wow! Amazing shots! I hate watermarking my paintings but one has to. I found one of my photos in some else’s blog when I called his attention about it he did not even apologized so I think unwatermarked works sort of becomes public property.

  8. Beautiful images. I, too, have been struck recently by the beauty in small water or dew droplets on plants and flowers. Frozen by photography, the droplets look like glass or jewels. Very nicely done!

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