why can’t I concentrate during meditation?


Axel G.

Link to “Why Can’t I Concentrate During Meditation?” via “press this” on the website from Axel G (axelg.com)

This is a really important question. In this post we’ll examine distractions as well as conditions that are conducive to meditation practice.Always remember that the mind fluctuates just like moods. One moment it’s sharply focused, the next moment it’s dull; one moment it’s motivated, the next moment it’s bored; one moment it’s sleepy, the next moment it’s energized. This is the nature of the mind.Let’s take a close look at the most common distractions ….

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10 thoughts on “why can’t I concentrate during meditation?

  1. Some people don’t believe in “concentration meditation”, like Khrishnamurti, for example, he believes in “choice-less awareness”.
    It’s all good, in my opinion. Good to try different forms and non-forms of meditation!

  2. Did you know that you can also dance a meditation? You don’t even have to sit still… You can shake out all the heavy, dense emotions that build up this way. I have some great dance meditational music that I use all the time. Works beautifully. Thanks so much for exploring meditation!! It’s a great topic!

    • I know some people who have done this without even knowing most of their lives …
      Dancing first brings you into the flow, then the body takes this flow and mind remains silent.
      I think dancing meditation is easier than walking meditation (to me at least). To get into the walking it will take some more effort.

    • Such a great share! A dance teacher when I was young once suggested that as we left class, we still treat the rest of our day’s activities as if participating in a dance. I loved that idea and have used that perspective to treat my whole life like one huge dance floor. It has evolved for me over the years into the experience and expression of stillness in motion. It is using my whole life unfolding inner observation to outer movement as a way of meditating without getting hung up on it having to look or feel or be a certain way to get the evolution I seek.

      Sometimes it is holding still in a lotus position as OM floats on the air and sometimes not. Some of my most profound meditations have occurred dancing with the motion riding on the train and others moving with luggage down the concourses at airports. The body is busy dancing and the “mind” was left undistracted, just observing and free to play. 🙂

      Great post to contemplate on. -x.M

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