meditation – eyes

While meditating we cannot close our ears.

Even when it is quiet there are sounds.
Sound is the worst interrupt:
think of a whining child,
a yelling call,
a telephone ringing, ….


So why close your eyes when meditating?

eyes ... wide ... open

eyes … wide … open

Let some light and some images come into your mind.
Don’t do much with it,
but it will keep the untrained mind
a little more silent
having to use its graphical processing,
and feeling less bored.


21 thoughts on “meditation – eyes

    • I realize that I had some good be it not very deep meditations while watching out the window of a commuter train and let the landscape sweep past my eyes. Which raises the question whether a meditation needs to be deep. Comes what comes.
      These days the textured greyish white walls in the living room are perfect, while a focus on a flower also seems to work.

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