watching the rain

Today I didn’t want to do anything

No chores, no work, no books, nothing … Kind of boring, but it really wasn’t.

This was the perfect day for it. It rained all day. And I already knew very early this morning, clicking on meteox/forecastloop watching the virtual clouds moving with their entire length right over this place.

And … it’s still raining now. It never stopped.
I had to walk the dog holding an umbrella.

Rain is beautiful. If you make time for it.

And I did.
I watched the rain for many hours,
and then again.
And I made some pictures, like this one …

one of the last remaining petal of a nearly wasted tulip ...

one of the last remaining petals of a nearly wasted tulip …

The rain brought me beauty and silence – it often does. And silence is a precursor to inspiration, and creativity.

You can also make time

… to watch the rain, or wear some boots and jump in a puddle or two … or more. Have fun like little children, and enjoy the rain.
And watching it in silence and inspiration, and refresh your mind.


I didn’t jump into a puddle, but I listened  to the wet mud trying to keep my boots stuck into it, … and not succeeding. And I saw a couple of frogs, quickly jumping away when I wanted to take my camera. And then I noticed a hole in the left boot – a cold wet feeling – not disagreeable, only asking for clean socks, back inside, safely behind the window.

Make time for the rain too,
and really do enjoy
what you usually see as a lesser experience


33 thoughts on “watching the rain

  1. I remember not bothering with the boots before high school. The mud felt good then, too. Now, I can’t move very fast, so, if I get caught in the rain, I simply get wet. I accept it and feel more of a peace and less of a worry than before. So, interesting what acceptance does.

  2. Sigh. Oh, the extraordinary bliss of truly living life being present within it, found at all times right under the nose and available to ANY eye that chooses to really see it… rain drops on roses and whiskers on the cat… the power of observation wrapped up in the simple elegance of brown paper and string moments. What a beautiful work of art is the life lived as Bert. Thank you for sharing it with us. -x.M

  3. I did this a few days ago…except the taking pictures…
    I sewed instead…
    a wonderful post…and I sit here in the quiet
    watching the skies to see if I have another rain day….
    Take Care…

    • thank you, MaryRose, for this beautiful comment. Nobody ever taught me how to sew, but I can imagine it could have the same effect as pruning an apple tree, for me, … perhaps 🙂

      • it is a different definition of meditation ….(for me anyway)
        and yes it is the same in a different flow…
        ( I pruned roses a few days ago along with some oaks
        that had some broken branches from the storm..)
        Take care..

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