attachments …

click to enlarge - from my backyard ...

from my backyard … (click to enlarge)

Like dewdrops swelling
onto spring fresh horsetail
we acquire what we like
and we shed what we don’t

natural born hoarders
hoarding money cars clothes
hoarding buildings jewellery even art
hoarding knowledge and history
through books pictures and film
hoarding experiences and kicks
hoarding beauty
even hoarding love …

desire becomes attachment
we entangle ourselves
to keep
to eternalize
the fleeting love
we once felt
always past
never now

chasing the past
true happiness
true beauty
true love
all gone

focus now
what is


20 thoughts on “attachments …

  1. The poem Desiderata says love is perennial as the flowers. Last moment, this moment, next moment… I choose to think of it this way. I really do believe it to be true.

    “the love you take is equal to the love you make”.
    ——- The Beatles

  2. Lol. “Natural born hoarders.” I read the poem backwards and that is where I stumbled! I will aim to give away 100 books this month. Uhm. 50 then. Lol. 10? Oh, never mind. I will do what I can, no need to do more. 🙂 Nice pic!

    • The BBC and CH4 carry programs on natural born hoarders, but I also know a couple of them in my own neighbourhood. Giving away for no reason is also stupid. If you have a visitor, leave her/him alone with your bookshelf, and give the book they pick.

      • I have given away a lot of books already, but I have too many still. I no longer want to live in a library, so I seek a new home for them. When I brought books to some hospitals, it took so much time to find someone to take the books, that I never ventured to do that again. I will look for shelters or something like that instead.

          • The thrift store has gotten a large portion of the books already. They give some of the books away too. I will drop some more off this week, and see if they have information on local shelters.

  3. Gorgeous picture. And attachment was on my mind this morning as I stood at the window waving goodbye to my husband who was going to work and then broke down in tears. Tears from attachment to love and fear of loss. Hopefully there will be future. Try to make the best of the present. Attachment/loss– one of the hardest lessons for me to learn.

    • We are all attached to life and love. Otherwise we wouldn’t be human.
      Fear of loss if often built on sand. It makes us sad, and sometimes angry.
      Attachments are not bad in themselves. Some of their outcome is.
      If you are just sad or just afraid, you are in the present.
      If you are sad for too long, you are in the past.
      If you are afraid for too long, you are in the future.
      Strength and Courage, Love and Light

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