… will … (2)

A voice said: “What do I want?”

I'm listening, master, your wish is my command, ... - we are our own Jin in the bottle. Endless and infinite is our desires to fulfil anything we want

I’m listening, master, your wish is my command, … – we are our own Djinn in the bottle. Endless and infinite are our desires, endless our undertakings to fulfil anything we want

Who is this I?
How free is this question?
What is will?
And who is being the will?
Who identifies with it and why?

“What do I want?” comes out of a desire to know myself.
Will and desire are closely intertwined.
The will follows, or does not follow a desire.
A desire seeks to find pleasure,
In this case a pleasure to know.
A desire seeks to avoid pain,
In this case the pain of indecisiveness.

“What do I want?” is a very important question.
Ask yourself this question, and you will see that extra conditions will appear:
What do I want now?
What do I want in/from life?
What do I want in love?
What do I want to be?
What do I want to have, to experience?
… and so on …

Questioning my own desire, this is.

And answers might not necessarily come with ease, even not at all.
Perhaps the answer lies in the unknown, perhaps in the eternal unknown.
Is there anything beyond mental unknown?
Is there a subject, beyond mind or next to mind that wants to know?

Is the question “What do I want?” an expression of free will?

There is a freedom in knowledge. Knowledge gives an insight into possibilities. Knowledge is power! And we want to be powerful, and make the right decisions. So how free are we not to go for knowledge?

Acquiring knowledge itself might become a habit or even an addiction.
There is no freedom in habits, neither is there freedom in addiction.

How free are we to acquire knowledge about self?
Are we not destined to do so by being conscious?
Does not a four year old ask her father:

“If I were you,
and you were me,
how would things be?”

The first post on free will can be found here: … will (1)


5 thoughts on “… will … (2)

  1. Will can mean so many things. Need, desire, want, intention. It is indeed mind boggling. To be human is to be a slave to the human state. And on top of that there are human beings enslaving other human beings. Who turn to enslave other human beings… and so on. How can we talk about freedom? That can only be if we can remember what it is. I do not remember. Do you?

    • I have been investigating ‘free’ will for about a year now. I barely find any. If you can make yourself free of your past, you might really have free will. In most other cases, we are conditioned by oh so many factors, to do what we do, but we are not acting freely.

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