(non) identification

the physical seat of my identity

the physical seat of my identity

We have learned to identify with our mind.
The ‘I’ — the thing inside that identifies — has been used to identify with mind for many years. But since it has the choice to identify, or to not identify, this ‘I’ is different from mental mind. (but probably just another piece of mind)  It is different from happiness or sadness, it is not anger, it is not physical pain, some say it is awareness, but is it? Does it exist at all?

The ‘I’ that identifies, is it consciousness?
Perhaps not, since consciousness has no need to identify. An ‘I’ needs to identify with something. If it does not identify, there is no more need for an ‘I’, there is only being without a subject. And the ‘I’ really wants to be a subject.

If ‘I’ does not identify, does self, me, mine disappear?
Perhaps it does disappear. No identification means that there is only being without a subject.
That subject is ‘self’.

If ‘I’ identifies with consciousness, and claims: “I am consciousness”, then this claim is only half a truth. Consciousness can contain the ‘I’, but ‘I” cannot contain consciousness entirely, since ‘I’ is not needed, since consciousness does not need a subject.

Is there a difference between awareness and consciousness?
Does awareness need a subject? If it does, and one has to say “I am aware”, then the only difference between awareness and consciousness is the subject, ‘I’.

When I meditate and truly am aware of what happens around me and inside me, then it sometimes happens that there is a shift in identification from mind to awareness. Doing so, awareness becomes a subtle mind.
Sometimes identification disappears completely. Now it is difficult to say anything. Paradoxes arise. The body which is the seat of this awareness is now laughing from deep inside, or crying from deep inside..

The identification process is important:
The words awareness, subtle or gross mind, and consciousness are less important. you can call them whatever you want. They are conceptual sign posts to lead you into non identity.

There is a possibility of identification with mind (gross mind) – what is happening right now to most people.

There is a possibility of identification with something beyond gross mind that many people call awareness.

There is a possibility of no identification at all. You can call this whatever you want, but since  there is no identity, it should be without a tag.


13 thoughts on “(non) identification

  1. Sorry, this post goes over my head.. Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m just dim-witted. “no mind”, to me, is simply the end of the mind spinning and making meaning and stories out of whatever pops into it. “no mind” is a quiet, or relatively quiet, thinker.

    • Yes, Larry, I see from the responses that this was not the easiest of posts. At the edge, perhaps over the edge?

      I think that while I start to see deeper into the realities of awareness, that it is not an all white area. Awareness itself has many colours. I have already mentioned metacognition, but there is also something that could be called a subtle mind, still part of mind, but a different layer.

      So in the end mind might be fooling itself that it is absent, while still lurking around, at least in my own experience.

  2. This blog has been along similar lines to a long-running discussion topic of late at A New Gaia. I do understand that “identification with” is an important element. I do agree it doesn’t matter what you call It. The question of whether It exists, seems to depend upon who is asked. There seems to be no “final” authority to make that call. It must be answered within one’s self or not at all.

    • Sometimes, but only recently, I see my identification shift from mind to observer, and rarely go to nothing and laugh from deep within. But that is only my personal experience. There is only one authority, and that is you.

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