four doctors in four days

Nearly 4 weeks ago I caught a severe disease. It started like a small flu, feeling tired, and needing afternoon sleep for five days. Then severe coughing ensued. Coughing and unbearable migraine. I got antibiotics and felt like drowning in my own lung-fluids for a couple of days. I had almost an NDE on a Sunday morning, gasping for air as if I had not taken a breath for 3 minutes. I got another box of the same pills and took them all. 10 days after the first pill, I felt like 85% of my former self. This was a strong improvement.

But after that, things stopped improving. Ups and downs from day to day, around that 85%.
A paroxysmal cough emerged, 5 to 15 times a day. Sometimes this cough caused near unconsciousness and sometimes closing my throat completely and preventing to breath for 10 seconds, feeling like choking to death while wandering around. This was more frightening to my family than to me.

So this week, Monday, 3 weeks after day one, I decided to be good enough to follow a course for work. That was a big mistake. Coughing like a barking dog doesn’t seem very polite in business conditions, so I had to go out and escape more than a couple of times. But much worse, I had no concentration anymore after just two hours.

So doctors again.

On Monday I saw Mrs E. She told me to lose weight, an advise I started following immediately. Diet is always related to health. 3 weeks of disease had already eaten 2kg.

On Tuesday I saw Mr H. He said he didn’t hear anything. What a surprise. Then he told me my blood pressure was too high. It always is when people are watching. Doctors are people. When I had my own meter, measurements were usually normal, except when someone wanted to watch me take it. This says more about my psychology than about my body.

On Wednesday I went to see Mr. S. I see him every 10 years. This was the third time in 20 years, and probably the last time because in 10 years time it’s very likely that he will be retired. He put me on some breathing machines with Helium and Nitrogen-oxide and took an X-ray of my lungs. He told me my asthma had completely gone. This was a complete surprise. He took away part of my identity. Now I have no more chronic disease to brag about. But I still coughed like a barking dog, be it only 6 times this Wednesday. He said my lung capacity was excellent. He didn’t hear anything either. He said that a severe bronchitis can lead to coughing for 4 to 8 weeks, after it has been cured.

On Thursday I went to see Mr. V. He remembered having removed my tonsils 20 years ago, and told me they were still absent. Then he went to look very deep in the abyss of my throat. This was the most painful procedure. But he saw what I had always felt these past 4 weeks: just below my vocal chords, in the higher parts of my wind pipe, I had the remnants of a severe infection, leading to a lot of fluids, and paroxysmal coughs. “It’s almost cured”, he said. “Just rinse your throat with chamomile tea, 3 to 5 times a day. But I smell that you have already been doing that. It’s too late now to find out whether you had a pertussis or not – but you will be back to normal in less than two weeks.”

So here I am, with a deep soar throat. Needing only tea to alleviate the pain, and patience for the coughs.


42 thoughts on “four doctors in four days

  1. Oh, goodness! I am sorry that you went through all of that AND still have that horrible cough. I do hope it eases quickly and you get well soon. Come on chamomile tea work faster. 🙂 Hey, aren’t we all “almost cured?” Lol! I found that amusing, I am not really sure why.

    • Thank you, Angel, for the kind wishes of feeling well. Yesterday I felt better than today, and tomorrow it will probably be reversed. It is going like that for the past 2 weeks. I have surrendered to the fact that it will feel like this at least for the next 14 days.
      Feeling “almost cured” must be a funny invention of our mental processing. If there is nothing wrong, our mind might feel less important. It must resist this, so it always finds something, anything, to feel busy and important. 🙂

  2. Oh that does not sound good at all … I do hope you get well soon! And as just so happened, here is something for you:

    I have just nominated you for ‘The Word Press Family Award’. If you choose to participate all the ‘rules and regulations’ are to be find here:

    Take Care,

  3. I liked the post, of course, not the story as such. I can relate as I was affected by something like this many years ago.
    How are you able to still write such great posts as the previous one – Mind and separation?

  4. I feel for you Bert, it’s the end of a long winter and I think we’ve all had enough. At present, I am also experiencing the beginnings of an unpleasant cough, so I am doing a lot of self nurturing. Wish you well and that you experience a release from your symptoms.

    • … the question comes to mind, how long can such a nasty cough last. Hope yours will be the regular thing that lasts less than a week and cures by itself on body’s intelligence alone.

  5. My husband had a live radio interview last weekend that he was doing over Skype from home and due to my cough I had to head out to the local coffee shop to not disrupt the proceedings. Ended up sitting in my car as the spasms were too much for public appropriateness! I feel you.

    I once read that “God” is always just on the other side of each breath. This was related to some yogic teaching, however I came to know it’s truth after learning to open water scuba dive where air access is life. That you have drawn a NDE to your journey is a great teaching. THANK YOU for sharing your experience.

    If we could cyber transport I would send you a cup of Steven Smith Meadow tea. It is the best chamomile I have ever tasted. As an all herbal tea obsessed taster, it rules over hundreds I have tasted. I love the preparation instructions!!! and on the individual bags it also encourages pretending you’re Van Gogh painting in Arles. FEEL BETTER SOON!

  6. I am very glad you are well again. I have had fits with coughs and fluid in my lungs, somewhat, most of my life. Until the stroke. Since then, I don’t seem to get more than just a tiny bit sick. Anyway, you will be around in 10 more years. Don’t talk like that. I expect us to still be in touch then.

    • I suppose this is not going to last long any more. 3 weeks seems to be my threshold before taking action. If as dr. V. says everything will cure itself within the next 2 weeks, that’s ok for me then.

  7. Such is life – unless . . . .
    Here is an extract from The Milk Is White:
    Sickness: This is something we can all do without. It appears to be a problem that commonly occurs periodically, but the fact is that the body is continuously in a state of vulnerability and the periodic sickness is a symptom of this underlying vulnerability. Our bodies are today, the result of what we have thought and done in the past, and what we think and do today will determine our future bodies. In the present context the past and future do not mean a life, a year, a day on one or the other side of today but mean on one or the other side of any present moment. According to the Cayce Readings, if the pH of the body is maintained at a slightly alkaline level there will be no sickness as this level of pH keeps the immune system at peak efficiency; and that the means to achieving this is a diet that is 80% alkaline on ingestion. In the readings there appears to be no reference to the impact of negative thought on the pH and the immune system but it would be safe to assume that physical and mental balance (harmony) are a prerequisite of good health. Hence, we need to tackle the problem of sickness by converting it to the challenge of correct diet, correct thought and correct exercise.
    As balance (harmony) helps create good health, and all things are in a natural balance (in natural harmony), if we limit, to the maximum extent possible, what we take in through our mouth, nose and skin to those things which are natural and clean, we enhance our potential for good health. The long-term consequences of mechanically manipulated organisms will only emerge in decades or centuries.
    In regard to the Cayce Readings it is important to know that, apart from being validated by some of us through individual instinctive recognition, they come from a source superior to the intellect and have been proved conclusively in respect of their medical content as well as, to a lesser extent, in respect of many of the other numerous subjects to which reference is made herein.

  8. Oh Bert. This sounds so much like what I went through last summer; and Pertussis was ruled out, in my youngest son, who seems to have had the same thing I did. We ended up calling it walking pneumonia. You may remember that I was ill for 6 weeks. It almost undid me, left me disinterested in Life in general. There is light at the other end of that tunnel. It does sound as though you’ve at least gotten the “expert” opinions, I delayed getting – and I’d hold to their belief that you are just around the corner from recovery. I remember going to yoga, thinking it would help, and later regreting it (though I did keep the cough sequestered as well). It did take medication for me to overcome it; but I do drink Chammomile tea daily. Nice to know another one of it’s benefits. Wishing you wellness – very soon, like yesterday. Just teasing – to bring a bit of a smile.

    • Yes I remember, and on top of that your computer refused to work and you didn’t get the best repair in town.
      I have had bronchitis before, but it was never like this. So I doubt very much whether it has been one. Anyway, if what dr. V. says is true, in two weeks I should be without symptoms.

  9. Wishing you a speedy healing and resting in Presence. May your body be well and your mind at peace. Check out, good forums for body stuff. I once had bronchitis in India for 8 weeks so know it’s not a lot of fun. Be well! shanti…..

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