a silence of being

silence2the silence of talking is easy,
I just shut up.

the silence of sound is easy,
I close my ears.

the silence of doing,
focussed, no distraction.

the silence of mind,
feel the awe, feel the laughter,
some moments, even minutes.

the silence of having,
just don’t acquire,
no greed, no envy, no jealousy, no avarice.

the silence of knowing,
to know that there are things you cannot, not ever, know,
if all would feel that way, how could we disagree on not knowing?

the silence of pleasure and pain,
no more desire, no more flight,
no more attachment.

the silence of fear,
no more past,
no more future,
no more worry,
no more anger,
no more hate,
only now
all the time.

the silence of being ….
where does that lead to?
no more tag or ID,
no more teacher, no more father, no more son,
no more lover, no more single,
no more lonely or sad,
no more happy or in love
no more you and me …

where does that lead to?
a sea of being silent,
together and alone at the same time
happy and sad at the same time
no more you and no more me
just silent
within and without time
within and without space.


25 thoughts on “a silence of being

  1. “To know there are things you cannot ever know… How could we disagree on not knowing?”

    Peace. World Harmony.

    I like this very much. The second to the last
    line reminds me of the George Harrison song title “Within You And Without You.” I’m gonna go look up the lyrics, just for fun.

      • Did you see the 2 part TV special on the life of George Harrison a few months ago? I think it aired on HBO. I found it fascinating. What made me laugh was when he went to Haight-Asbury in San Francisco and saw all the drugged out Flower Children acting all, well, weird. They scared him and he couldn’t wait to bolt from there! He who had influenced those young people with his music and his lifestyle was scared by them! My respect for Harrison grew immensely after I learned that about him! LOL!!!

    • Silence of being, silence of not being …
      It is a strange place, the place of non duality,
      where the you and the me and the her start to fade
      When you look at a bird,
      and you are that bird,
      and you see what it sees …

    • It was cool, even cold that morning. We were driving home, just 2 hours on the road for a 48 hour journey. We planned one day in Delhi, where we would arrive 15 hours later so we wouldn’t miss our plane if something would go wrong on the road.
      It was an eerie morning with a lot of mist. Picture made through the open window of a driving Toyota Innova, going down the Himalayas, somewhere between Mandi and Sudernagar in Himachal Pradesh. September 12 2012 – 830am.

    • The muse woke me up in the middle of the night. I wrote down 15 words. The next morning the words came by themselves. Thank you for your encouragement. Means a lot to me. Love and Light

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