here .. now

why holding on to the past ...  ?

why hold on to the past … ?

Everything we do, we do by mirroring it through our past. Even if we want to do the opposite of what we have been doing, this is still a decision with the past in memory: one decision to un-follow the past that failed, and now ready to follow the other second option given by that same past.

Going with the present is very ‘unsafe’. There is no more reference point. No comparing with the past. Not even doing the opposite of before.

What are you afraid of?

Seeing things you have never seen before?
Receiving gifts you did not know existed?
Doing things you never even dreamt of?


Disapproval from family and peers?
Falling and getting on your feet again?

If you dare to do this with your eyes and your hands wide open, you will never be bored.
You will not disappoint yourself, you will be authentic.
And those who love you, will love the real you.

17 thoughts on “here .. now

  1. You have a wonderful Blog…
    Thank you for dropping by Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary Bert, People find it hard to let go of the past and are constantly worrying over the future… They forget the gift of Now .. thats why its called the ~Present~.. If they lived in the Present, they would soon find its gift.

    many thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. PastFuture, always bothering.
      Very difficult also.In a corporate environment they ask us to plan our annual leave 8 months or even more in advance. What kind of living is that.
      But living in the present is not ‘safe’. It just is. It is always the best option.

      • Living in the now does not mean one cannot make plans on the material plane for the future, in fact, it’s a necessity. However, it must be balanced. Fretting, is not planning and the planning must have back up plans because we don’t know how things will go for sure.

        • Holiday planning in a corporate environment is more often about greed and envy than about the planning itself. Probably of topic in this post. A planning should not be rigid but dynamically change according to reality of what is and not the un-reality of what is planned.

  2. Thanks for providing a nice benchmark so I can see just how little I DO reference the past anymore.
    This was beautifully written, thank you.
    The “new” state of living you described has been called “Free-fall” by several spiritual teachers. I can relate, kinesthetically, it has the same feel and feelings, haha! Does “freefall” register for you? Adyashanti’s CD set “Life without a Center” talks about this at length.

    • … I’ve gone back into my mental shell since mid March. I have to get used to living without identification. There’s too much going on around me right now. Perhaps the right reason to let go? I did not experience free-fall. Felt more like a ground state.

      • Yes, I understand how it would be “ground state” and not “free fall.” Thanks for calling my attention to that difference in perspective! It’s probably a difference in identity.

  3. Yes, I do see things through my past, naturally. But in living my life out loud, with self compassion and kindness and love, I ask myself many questions like those you’ve written about in this post.

    I dare to be “me” each moment, and I simply allow my life to unfold, to mirror this. When I do, life is grand. And it’s jolly good even when I don’t feel quite so daringly “me”.

    Thank you, Bert.

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