passion …

some people claim that the moon relates to passion ...

some people claim that the moon relates to passion …

Passion is an inner drive. We often think it has to do with emotional and physical love, or with anger and hate, and even with suffering. These are aspects of passion, but they are snapshots, not the entire picture. Passion is the energy level of love and fear. If passion is close to zero, there is not much fear, not much sadness, not much love, not much happiness, no creativity.

Passion is thus not an emotion. It is an all level energy. It can drive emotions, but it can also drive creativity. It can drive brainstorming, it can drive compassion, it can drive all stages of love and all stages of fear. However it is most often not a straight line. I mean, the energy attributed to the emotional, physical, mental and transmental planes are not equal. This depends on the personal development of an individual.

The energy of passionate people can be a problem if not channelled the right way, like into creative action. Passionate people who feel frustration have more energy to show that frustration. Therefore it is essential to give space to your inner drive, and be creative in one or many ways, in a balanced way, as well on the physical, the emotional and the mental and transmental planes.


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  1. I truly enjoyed reading this post and recognizing the ‘problems’ passionate people face everywhere … because once you are blessed, or cursed, (depending to which point of you view one subscribes) with passionate nature and thus feeling life intensely … you are as much at odds with those who do not know such feelings, as they are with you. Accordingly, great passions remain alone often.

  2. Passion can also be a soothing, calm energy level.

    We are indoctrinated by patriarchy to associate passion with a frenzy and high energy emotion, however, that’s fabricated by the spin machine which makes money off of people who buy drugs that are supposedly going to curb out of control passion.
    But is passion, even when labeled as out of control wrong? I believe, it’s the emotion/thought police who create the imbalance in the first place by labelling passion as dangerous. And, they sell coffee, sugar, coal-tar dyes which cause mania, etc., so that they can then peddle their poisonous mind altering drugs.
    I have met people who are more adjusted to society due to the mind drugs, but that doesn’t equate into balance, it just means that the person fits in to the insane society.

    • Passion is energy, and the way you want to apply/express/use that energy is your choice, and your choice only. In your poetry I see great passion. But I have no idea how this passion looks like on the outside. I know that I sometimes express my energy the wrong way, Italian style.
      You mention the thought police, … they cannot control your passion. They try to make us repress passion ourselves, and they try to force us into very boring jobs so our passion becomes dormant.
      I think that some ADHD medicines are indeed having the effect you mention, to try to fit normal people with an expressive nature into a society that does not want them to be that exuberant.

  3. And your advice is good too. Question: Do you relate passion to the “Chi” or “Pranic” level of energy vibration, or do you think it is higher-dimensional than that? I suspect it is both, and can also be more one or more the other at various times in various people. That’s how I experience it anyway.

    • No, (not yet) but while I was writing this post I also added an unpublished side note that my system of emotions, energy and planes starts to look like the chakra system, so I’m independently reinventing the wheel so to speak.

  4. Oh my gosh, you are the only person (I am aware of) who has ever articulated my own view on the concept!!
    It is highly related to a question I get fairly often, as a minister, about angels, do they get angry. My answer is that there are angels (and archangels) who have extreme PASSION (your definition of it) instead of getting angry, outraged, etc. by what humans do to one another and themselves. That INTENSITY can FEEL like anger when we observe or empathetically feel it, but there is no anger in it because there is no fear in it. It is however, rather fierce!! Archangel Micha-el in particular is noted for his fierceness.
    Does that resonate for you?

    • There is one whom I particularly like: Mahakala. The dharmapala all look like monsters but they are so incredibly nice in my eye. Michael is a very beautiful angel, fierce but not angry. Passion without fear can only be pure Love.

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